Mar 23, 2020

10 Ways to Welcome Spring to Your Home

Spring has officially sprung. Here in Central Texas we have seen mild temperatures all winter long. Despite a few chilly mornings getting outside this winter has been a breeze in the Austin area. But with summer just around the corner, it’s best to get a jump start on sprucing up your home now before the hot weather begins to wane your enthusiasm.

Working off a check list is a great way to manage your time and tackle those problem areas in your home that need the most attention. To help you we came up with a list of ways to say hello to spring, and refresh and renew your home both inside and out.


  • Make room for your summer clothes – There’s nothing that makes us happier than when we can shed our winter clothing. Start an annual ritual of storing them away for the summer. Sweaters, gloves, winter coats and hats fit nicely in plastic storage containers that can find a temporary home under beds without even being seen. Reverse the process in December when winter rolls around. Taking your flip flops out of hibernation for the upcoming summer months is just as rewarding as being able to put on the latest boot style in the fall.
  • Dust large fixtures – We all have those hard to reach items in our homes that require additional effort like taking out a ladder. Dusting and cleaning them a few times a year makes better sense. Make it a point to dust ceiling fan blades, large lighting fixtures, mirrors and artwork frames every spring and winter. The insides of lampshades, vents, and curtains are easier, but when was the last time you dusted them? By keeping these tasks on a schedule you’ll be ready for the holidays no matter what the season.
  • Organize a problem area – Have an area in your home that could use some organization? Whether it’s a kitchen drawer, a closet, a cabinet, or the top of a desk tackling it head-on is the best approach. Reorganizing the inside of your kitchen cabinets is a big chore and time investment. But in the long run it’s well worth the effort. Knowing that everything has a place in your space is a big pay-off. Remember, anything that you haven’t used for a year is fair game to sell, give away, donate, or upcycle. The last resort is to throw it away.

Spring decorating projects

  • Colorize your spring décor – Spring is the best time of year to add color to your home. Accessorize to personalize. Whether you have a passion for brightly colored hues or pastels, refresh your home with coordinating pillows, vases, candles, candles holders, throw rugs and wall hangings. Also, think green. Adding plants, whether real or faux is a great way to bring the outside indoors. And it’s also another way to elicit a sense of rebirth into your home.
  • Start a spring DIY project – The list of DIY spring projects on Pinterest is endless. From making wall art to painting an old chair to making no sew grommet curtains and spring door wreaths, there are thousands of projects for every room in your home. Projects run the gamut. They can be easy, inexpensive and require little to no skill set. Or, they can be slightly more involved depending on what you want to accomplish.


  • Prepare your lawn – For those that don’t have a lawn service and like to cultivate the greening of their own front and back lawns you have your work cut out for you. Start by clearing out any leaves, twigs, branches and debris that gathered over the winter. Raking works just fine but an air blower makes it effortless. Once the lawn is clear apply fertilizer and weed killer. Next, say experts, its best to mow early and frequent. Letting the grass grow long and mowing it every seven days stunts the growth of the roots. The rule of thumb during spring is to mow every four to five days. The result is a thick, lush lawn.
  • Add plants and flowers to your front porch or entrance way – For a super sunny disposition plant fresh flowers and plants in pots or creative containers and place on your front porch. Not only is it fun it doesn’t require cleaning. Well, maybe just a little clean up after you’re done. Heat resistant faux plants and flowers work just as well and will give your home that extra-special curb appeal.  

Once a year tasks

  • Clean the screens on windows and doors –It’s definitely not worth the time looking outside your windows if the screens are dirty. Soiled window and door screens can also negatively affect the air quality that filters through your home. This once-a-year chore is a daunting task but well-worth the effort when complete. Depending on how dirty the screens are you may need to use more than one method. Spraying the screens with a hose, after all, isn’t the only way.
  • Check and clean the gutters – Most often homeowners seem to overlook the importance of maintaining gutters. Identify any loose or leaky gutters and check to see if they are draining properly. Also, make sure you clear them of any leaves or debris so that when it comes time for April showers they’ll be able to do their job.
  • Clean and replace your outside bulbs – Clean any outside light fixtures including those on garage doors, lamp posts and at any entrance doors. Replace any burned out bulbs.

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