Jan 30, 2019

9 Amazing Bathroom Design Trends for 2019

Whether you plan to remodel a bathroom, or are looking for design tips to guide you during your new home selection process, bathroom design trends are making a big splash in 2019. From colorful geometric tiles to bold black colors to powder room statement walls, there’s definitely a lot to consider. Create a stylish, chic bathroom in 2019 with these fantastic design ideas trending now. So, what’s super-hot this year, let’s take a look.

  1. The size of your bathroom matters. As a matter of fact, according to design experts, in 2019 bathrooms are growing in size. And, why? Because they’re not just for grooming and bathing. Bathrooms are becoming the destination place in our homes for relaxing and feeling comfortable. Which means they are receiving more space on floor plans these days. Think of it this way, bathrooms have to be larger especially if you’re including a decadent soaker tub. If you are doing a renovation, it’s highly likely you will decide to increase the size of your bathroom if there’s available space.
  2. Make a statement with black. For me, the color black is never truly out. It’s like a little black dress. You always have to have one in the closet just in case. When it comes to using black in a home, there’s always a place to incorporate it. However, this year, black is the new gray in bathroom design and its taking center stage. Dark black walls, fixtures, mirrors, and flooring elicits a sense of grandeur.
  3. Smart bathrooms. Just about everything in homes are getting automated and the bathroom is no exception. If you weren’t impressed with last year’s list of toilet tech products wait until you see what’s on tap for this year. In 2018 smart products such as toilet seats with warmers, automatic lid warmers, and built-in deodorizers were all the rage. But, that’s nothing compared to what’s trending in 2019. Topping the list are automatic showers. Just relish in the thought that you’ll never have to wait to take a hot shower again. And, that’s because you can set it automatically ahead of time. Coming in second on the list are built-in blue tooth speaker systems. Other popular trends include automatic sinks, heated towel racks, voice activated lighting and temperature settings, and mirror-integrated touchscreens. The possibilities are limitless.
  4. Powder room statement walls. When we envision a powder room for the most part it is much smaller than the rest of the home’s counterparts. But, you can make your guests feel right at home with welcoming statement walls. Achieve maximum results by using bold colors, large floral prints, or pattern-on-pattern designs.
  5. Color, neutral palettes, and vintage everything. Depending on which website you look at you’ll find a multitude of color schemes that are scoring big results when it comes to bathroom design. Vintage, neutral palettes, and bold black bathrooms. Simply put, you can’t go wrong with a neutral color palette. After all, soothing hues emit a feeling of freshness and relaxation. Which is exactly what most of us want for our bathroom décor. And, remember neutral doesn’t have to be traditional. So, keep it modern. The best way, say experts, is to use a consistent element such as one color or material throughout the entire space. And, then, there’s vintage. Both stylish and chic, this design trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Setting the stage for vintage bathroom décor are geometric floor tiles in interesting shapes and patterns. Also, compliment the trend with vintage mirrors, fixtures, and color-painted dressers doing double duty as a vanity.
  6. Make an impression with a statement mirror. This year it’s all about making a statement in a big way. So, if you’ve already decided to create a statement wall and use the color black in your bathroom you’re on point with this year’s hottest trends. However, another trend popping up on designers lists are statement mirrors. Consequently, wall-to-wall mirrors are out. And, what’s in are unique mirrors that reflect your personal style. Whether it’s quirky, vintage, elegant, or wood-framed a well-thought out mirror can make an unforgettable impact.
  7. Ledges, shelving, and open storage. Gone are the days of stuffing seldom used bathroom products and accessories underneath the sink in your vanity. There never seems to be enough room especially if grooming products and automatic hairdryers take up most of the space. Open storage areas such as hanging shelves and ledges are making an appearance in bathrooms. This sleek look is a great way to have everything you need right at your fingertips. Remember, to keep it simple. Apothecary jars in a variety of sizes provide a stylish and tidy solution to organizing all you daily essentials.
  8. Add wood to your bathroom space. Incorporating wood into a bathroom adds both warmth and charm. It also has the unique ability to look modern, fresh, and inviting. Wood isn’t just for floors. Look at how it can be used in your shower design, or on your walls. Then, add some greenery to create a refreshing neutral palette and spa-like environment.
  9. The marriage of the tub and shower. Ok, this statement might not make sense, but it will. Think about it. The tub and shower are always separate in master bath suites. But, in 2019 they come together and create an efficient, elegant space called a water space. Only a single piece of glass separates the water space from the rest of the room. The result is a simply stated beautiful space with plenty of options.

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