May 12, 2017

What Everyone Needs to Know about 365 Whole Foods

365 Whole Foods delivers lower prices, convenient Cedar Park location

Amid much anticipation the new 365 Whole Foods is open. And, it delivers what the new concept has promised all along—a grab and go mentality with lower product prices and a convenient Cedar Park location. As Travisso residents look for more shopping options closer to home, 365 is just a 10 minute drive to its location in The Parke lifestyle shopping center at 183A and RM 1431.

The new concept is a natural for the Austin-based grocery store that prides itself on fresh, wholesome, and organic products.

The new 365 concept competes with rival retailer Trader Joe’s. By appearance, 365 is larger. The Cedar Park location encompasses 30,000 square feet. The average Trader Joe’s ranges between 8,000-12,000 square feet. The additional 20,000 square footage has perks that Trader Joe’s does not. Those perks include a larger fresh fruit and vegetable area and two large bakery cases with an array of breads in one and desserts and sweets in the other. On-site dining options and seating, a salad bar, and an array of hot prepared foods round out the other differences.

The mood is set for a joyful shopping experience. Upon entering the store you can’t help to notice the vibrant bright colors, and catchy sayings placed slightly below ceiling level. Inviting rhythmic music plays in the background. Aisles are wide, the lighting is bright.

Five Things You Need to Know about 365 Whole Foods 

  1. There are five dining options with plenty of inside and outside seating available for on-site dining. You can also take it with you. Those options include a Taqueria, Easy Tiger Bakery and Beer Garden, made to order pizzas, Whole Foods salad bar, in addition to ready-made hot foods that change daily. The Taqueria offers an array of tasty choices including tacos, burritos, bowls, and tortas. Fresh sausages, artisan sandwiches, pretzels, pastries, cookies, breads, cheese boards, and snacks make up the menu at Easy Tiger.
  2. Approximately 40 percent of the store’s products have a 365 label on their package which signifies Everyday Value. According to the store’s website, 365 Everyday Value products offer value prices every day of the year and meet the highest standard of quality. Products come in both natural and organic selections. In addition, national and local brands make up the rest of the store’s product mix. Local products such as Austin’s Own BBQ sauce and Zilk’s Pimento Cheese spread embrace shelf space.
  3. You can quench your thirst at JuiceLand. The Austin born juicer offers over 30 varieties of fresh juices and yummy smoothie combinations. Relax and drink it there or take it with you.
  4. Product selection can be limited. But, for me it goes back to the original concept of grab and go. Multiple selections within a product line increases the time it takes to make a decision. In addition, the store’s square footage is 20,000 feet less than the typical Whole Foods square footage of 50,000 feet.
  5. The store includes an aisle with natural pet foods and health and beauty products.

For a great shopping experience 365 Whole Foods is open everyday from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. For additional information your can call 512-690-2605.






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