Jan 20, 2020

7 Tips to Finding Your Artwork Comfort Zone

Putting the final touches on your home décor is as easy as finding the perfect artwork, right? If you hesitated to answer that question with a resounding yes, we’re to tell you that you are not the only one. In fact many homeowners get hung up when buying artwork for their bare walls. With so many choices and available outlets it can be intimidating. On the flip side, with the convenience of online shopping and price ranges for every budget it’s much easier than ever before.

There is nothing quite like getting the most out of your space with a perfect piece of artwork. It pulls a room together and makes a home more welcoming and attractive. Expressing your personal design style through art is one of the best ways to show people who you are. By arming yourself with a little knowledge and a few on-point tips you can find your happy medium and comfort zone. Consider these tips when creating your own curated collection of artwork for any room in your home.

Start with a project in mind

Is your empty bedroom wall yearning for some much needed life? Does your wall above your sofa need a boost of energy and some TLC? Experts advise that before you buy a piece of artwork having a project in mind will keep you focused. And aid you in narrowing down your search. If you have an inkling of the type of art you are looking for that’s great. Don’t worry if you don’t. The more you search the more in tune you’ll get to discovering your personal style. Remember, it is much easier to work on one project at a time. Trying to multi-task can end up in a misstep.

Buy what you absolutely love

Here, is where we tell you it’s ok to think outside of the frame. Since art is an expression of personal style and tells people who we are, is there really a right or wrong piece? Whether you like landscapes, beachscapes, portraits, abstracts, or nature photography go for it. Most likely you’ll find the perfect wall in your home where it will shine. Remember, a piece of artwork bought with your heart will be far more interesting than if you bought it to match the sofa. If you can’t live without it, then don’t.

Keep an open mind

Having a passion for a particular art medium will certainly help you in your search. But don’t let it close your eyes and mind. During your search you may find new mediums and art forms that you can relate to. It’s important to embrace them and keep the possibilities of new ideas and the views they bring wide open. You may find a whole new door opening up right in front of you.

Don’t limit your search

Galleries are excellent places to start but they aren’t a one stop shop. Be aware that their offerings can be limited by price, medium, and artist. To find unique pieces street art fairs and local art club exhibits and events featuring new and emerging artists are excellent places to find inexpensive, one-of-a-kind pieces. Other places such as art school galleries, museum shops, flea markets and consignment shops also offer a wide variety of choices with reasonable price tags. For those that like to take their time and soak it all in there are a multitude of online websites offering thousands of choices with very affordable prices.

Size matters

Not only does size matter it plays a crucial role in whether it’s going to make or break the décor of the room. Too large, too small, and overcrowding are common mistakes that people make when buying artwork. It’s essential to consider scale when buying art. The first rule of thumb is to measure your wall space first. Keep the measurements close by—on a piece of paper in a wallet, or in your phone works. In other words, it should be handy when you need it. Having photos of the spaces on your phone will help you visualize what it will look like when you find a piece you love.

Artwork by color

For those that think artwork needs to match something in the room you aren’t entirely wrong. Rest assured it’s not as important as you think. It’s just another way to choose art but not the only one. If you do want to go this route there are two rules of the trade to follow. First, don’t introduce a new color into the room. Only add artwork that includes colors that are already present. Secondly, it’s ok to introduce bolder shades of the same color scheme.

Create a gallery wall

One of the hottest décor trends in today’s home is showcasing and telling your personal story with a gallery wall. Though they run the gamut, gallery walls usually consist of family photos and portraits, destination vacation photos, and cherished family memories such as weddings and graduations. However, you can also focus your gallery wall around a central theme, a familiar place or person, or a mix of vintage and boho prints and paintings. Whatever your preference when hanging a gallery wall there is a lot of freedom. To get the most out of your design here’s a few tips to help you instantly transform your wall from drab to absolutely fabulous.

Second Annual Travisso Art Show

Join the Travisso community as they showcase their creative talents on Friday, Feb. 28, 6-9 p.m. and on Saturday, Feb. 29 from 9 a.m.-6 p.m. at the Palazzo, 2437 Travisso Parkway. The two-day show will feature a multitude of unique art mediums such as such as photography, oil paintings, sculpture, quilts, watercolors and furniture, to name a few. Free and open to the public. Mark your calendar and plan to attend this great event perfect for the entire family.

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