Jun 14, 2018

Classes Begin this Fall at ACC’s New ACCelerator Campus

To “boldly go where no man has been before” is a massive undertaking. The popular TV series where that quote is taken from is proof. During Star Trek’s TV run a team of unlikely comrades cruised throughout space conquering the unknown for the benefit of future generations. Now, Austin Community College’s (ACC) new San Gabriel campus is achieving just that with the ACCelerator, an interactive computer learning hub in Leander.

Ribbon cutting ceremony for Leander's San Gabriel campusAs ACC’s second ACCelerator campus, San Gabriel is a prototype of the college’s Highland campus. College officials at the May 30th grand opening ceremony praised the Highland campus for its ability to transform lives. “We took what we learned there and brought it here,” said ACC’s President/CEO Dr. Richard Rhodes. He also beamed with pride when he said that the two campuses together created the “galaxy’s largest network of accelerators.” During the ceremony Rhodes welcomed dignitaries, state representatives, and Leander Independent School District (LISD) officials. The public event also included a ribbon cutting ceremony. However, the shining star of the show was the new campus.

What You Can Expect from the new ACC Campus

For prospective students the San Gabriel campus will offer classes in general studies and career-technical training. In addition, students can also take transfer credit classes, earn an associate’s degree, or enroll in pre-requisite health service classes.

And, there’s so much more such as a multitude of student services. Those services include free tutoring, one-on-one academic coaching sessions, and career counseling. Students making an appointment with a career counselor can receive help with resume writing, mock interviewing, job searching and LinkedIn help. In addition to cover letter drafting, salary negotiating and more. During a personalized academic coaching session students learn to develop effective learning strategies and set goals.

Features of the ACCelerator campus

The three-story state-of-the-art facility encompasses over 110,000 square-feet and is equipped with all the latest in computer equipment and technology. Below is a rundown of services and classrooms on each floor.

First floor:  The ground level of the campus includes the ACCelerator computer lab, an administrative suite, Student Life, Student Services, Campus Administration, a Market Place and District Police. Student Services include Admissions and Records, Advising and Counseling, Career Service, Student Accessibility Services, Financial Aid, and a Welcome Center.

Second floor: The building’s middle level holds the campus’ Assessment and Testing Center, Computer Services, Library Services and Computer Studies.

Third floor: The building’s top level includes science labs, classrooms, a faculty and dean suite, and a roof-top terrace.

Why the new ACCelerator campus is important to Leander and Leander ISD

While innovative tech companies continue to flood the Austin-metro area, skilled and educated workers will be in high demand. As a result, the San Gabriel campus’ educational resources and staff will be instrumental in aiding to fulfill the demand for those jobs in the future. Additionally, the city will have the ability to be an influential driving force in providing future educational opportunities to children in the district.

According to Leander ISD’s Superintendent Dr. Dan Troxell, 20 percent of LISD students will go to ACC at some point in their lives. And, LISD, in partnership with the college, provides its students with the option of enrolling in dual-credit classes. Essentially, dual credit classes through Austin Community College allow students the opportunity to earn college credit while in high school. LISD high school students can enroll in over 90 district-approved classes. There are many benefits to dual-credit classes. But, the biggest advantage is that students can graduate college on time, or even early as a result of taking college courses in high school. The bottom line is that it saves money.

Is it the final frontier?

Finally, as ACC and the city continue to promote the benefits of a college education through projects that enhance Leander residents, we probably haven’t seen anything yet. Registration for the new campus is now in progress. Register today.

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