Jun 13, 2020

Create a Fun and Functional Playroom the Kids Will Love

Thinking of dedicating an extra space in your home as a playroom? Whether your kids like to host a tea party, save the world like Spiderman and Wonder Woman, or draw refrigerator masterpieces only a parent will love, a well-designed playroom can spur kids’ imaginations and keep them happy for hours. It also provides them with their own space and a much needed creative outlet. And a playroom helps keep toys and messes confined to one designated area. Well, at least that’s the reason behind having one.

Keep toys from creeping into other areas of your home with a few simple creative playroom ideas that are also functional. We’ve also included design tips to get your creative juices flowing. Let the fun begin!

Keep Playroom Furniture Neutral and Functional

To keep things looking fresh and bright furnish the room with white or neutral furniture. A table, desk, or workstation with chairs is a playroom mainstay. Add stools or a bench to the mix for a creative twist. Benches with storage areas and baskets are a win-win. If you’re at a loss for ideas walk through the kid’s department at Ikea. Décor, lighting, rugs, and curtains in bright colors, pastels and neutrals fill the shelves. Plus you can stock the room with toys like an easel, play kitchen, or train set. When choosing a color scheme you may want to keep it gender neutral. This way everyone in the family will feel welcome and comfortable. It will also make it much easier to transform the room in later years when the kids start to grow up.

The Pros and Cons of Choosing a Theme

Whether you choose a theme or not it’s your choice. Themes do make decorating a little easier. However, keep in mind themes can get dated and kids can grow out of them, so choose carefully. Or, be prepared to redecorate in a few years. Also, make sure siblings sharing the space agree on the theme. Popular themes like animals, outer space, dinosaurs, rainbows, and sports are just a tip of the iceberg. They can also be fueled by your child’s favorite movie, song, or book, the possibilities are endless.

Map Out Storage Areas

Before you begin locate those areas in the room that will accommodate storage. Then, think about what you are going to store. Remember the idea is to keep clutter at a minimum. Storage bins and cubbies are great ways to store toys that aren’t housed in a box. Shelving units are ideal for displaying books and storing board games and puzzles. They also work well to dress up the room. A series of children’s prints or your child’s favorite collection can make a shelf standout from the rest. A few strategically placed baskets are catchalls for stuffed animals, blocks, toy cars, play shoes and superhero figures.

Use Wall Space for Decorative Hooks

Another way to keep things organized is to use decorative wall hooks. For the princess or superhero in your life, wall hooks are the ideal way to organize dress-up clothing and previous years Halloween costumes. They are also the perfect home for artist aprons and smocks. And they come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and super fun themes like airplanes and dinosaurs and princesses to name a few, to accommodate any décor. Personalize it by including your child’s name.

Keep Playroom Flooring Simple

Experts recommend wood or linoleum flooring for easy cleanup and a good quality area rug to protect young knees and elbows. If you’re using a spare bedroom that’s carpeted, you’ll want top it with another rug or floor mat. This will prevent your carpeting from spills and help to keep it in mint condition. Machine washable is preferable. Kid’s playroom rugs run the gamut. They also come in a multitude of fun shapes and colors not to mention those that include the alphabet, help kid’s to explore the world or play hopscotch. Stars, unicorns, and polka dot rugs, too. Since sizes vary by manufacturer be sure to measure your space before you purchase.

Add Plenty of Wall Art  

Family photographs, your child’s artwork and posters make fantastic wall décor. Wall decals and stickers are a creative way to add interest and set the room’s mood. Large retailers like Target, Home Depot and Lowes carry them in fun and trendy pop culture designs in addition to inspirational quotations. Depending on the project you can probably have them up in less than a couple of hours.

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