Nov 27, 2018

How to Create the Perfect Media Room Oasis

Who doesn’t want the perfect media room? If you are moving into a new home creating a media room can be a fun experience. But, what you’ll want to do first is decide how you are going to use the room. After all, a media room isn’t just for watching TV. Over the years it has evolved into a room where entertainment and social gatherings are the norm. So, take some time to think about how you are going to use the room.  Are you going to watch TV and movies? Play video games? Listen to music? Play pool and poker? Host football parties? Or, all of the above? In other words, planning is key to ensure that your new in-home playground is equipped with everything you want and need. Here’s a few of our favorite tips for planning the perfect media room.

Media room essentials

A large screen

How large? The size of your screen will depend on two criteria. The first, is the size of the room. If you are moving into a new home, make sure jot down the size of the room before you head to your local big box store. What you’ll want to avoid is buying too small of a screen to fit the room. Second, you need to consider the distance of your seating from the screen. In an article published by CNET the foolproof method according to THX is to calculate the seating distance by 0.84 (either inches or centimeters works). The result is the recommended screen diagonal. Remember, it’s also important to know where and how you are going to mount your screen. To get the big movie screen experience buy a projector and ceiling or wall mounted screen.

The perfect sound system

Choosing the right sound system is just as important as choosing the screen. The goal of a media room is to have a real movie experience in the convenience of your own home. Therefore, it’s really important not to skimp on the sound. What you need to do is to think of your audio system as an investment because it can be expensive. Before you purchase one, think about how you hear the sound in a theater. It comes from all sides. For a true movie theater experience you want the sound to surround you. Now, this is where some audio knowledge is helpful. There’s a lot to know when trying to finding the right system. Here’s a great article on buying speakers for the beginner. After you read the article and are still unsure of the best system for your home, you may consider hiring a professional.

Comfy seating options and additional furniture options

No media room is complete without extra comfy and stylish seating. Whether you buy chairs, sofas, or a combination of both, it is essential that they are the sink into type. From sectionals, to swivel chairs, to oversized sofas, and recliners, there are a lot of options to choose from. Sectionals are a great choice because you can always reconfigure them especially if you entertain frequently. Adding a couple of ottomans is also a great option for small children because they are both versatile and moveable. However, again, we stress that your seating be 100% comfortable. After all, sitting with your legs up relaxing and munching on popcorn is the ultimate movie going experience. As for other furnishings, make sure you provide plenty of side tables for snacks and drinks. And, don’t forget a console or two. They not only hold TVs but they also provide essential storage that are built to houses wires, remote controls, gaming devices and more.

Decorating and furnishing your media room

Any way you look at it, a media room these days is a multi-purpose room. It’s a designated place in your home where you can relax and chill out. And, it can also be very fun to decorate. Whether you choose chic and sleek or, fun and relaxed there’s plenty of options. Movie posters are great for movie buffs. And, for the sports fan memorabilia from a favorite team makes a fantastic theme. Like board games? Then, make that the theme of your room. For a stylish addition add a bar cart or a bar with stools. Pool and ping pong tables, air hockey games, and card tables also provide additional entertainment when the movie ends. The point here is that the possibilities are endless.

A few noteworthy tips to optimize your space

If you are using the room primarily to watch TV and movies darker wall colors are optimal. So, nix light paint colors on walls and choose darker colors that will help eliminate screen glare. You’ll also want to evaluate the amount of natural light vs. artificial light. If the room has windows you’ll want to hang draperies to help eliminate light for daytime viewing. Choosing the right flooring is also essential. Carpeting is ideal because it absorbs sound. Whereas, tile and wood do not. But, if you don’t have a choice adding accessories such as pillows, rugs, and window treatments will definitely help.

The benefits of having your own media room

There’s no doubt that a media room is a great place for the entire family to hang out and bond. It’s also a place for entertaining and socializing with friends which is also another awesome reason for including one in your home. But, there are also additional benefits. Convenience, is one of the biggest benefits. Having your own media room lets you decide when you want to watch your favorite movie or show. You also have control over the content. From HBO to Netflix to Hulu, ESPN and more, the choice is all yours. And, since everything you need is in your own home it can save you the expense of going out.


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