Jul 25, 2018

7 Tips to Use when Buying a Travisso Custom Lot

Are you searching for a custom lot? For many purchasing a custom lot and building a home from a concept is a dream come true. Think about it. You get to build your home your way. Wow! Now, that’s exciting. However, if you have never gone through the process before it can be intimidating. Buying a custom lot and building a custom home is a different experience. It can also be very thrilling. But, there’s plenty you need to know and do. And, that’s what we’re here for. We’ll walk you through buying a custom lot in Travisso. And, we’ll also throw in a few tips, too, to guide you along the way. The best thing to remember is that building a custom home is a multi-step process. So, before you proceed, think about how each step is going to interact with the others.

Travisso’s new Custom Collection

Nestled among the backdrop of the Texas Hill Country is the master-planned community of Travisso. We’re known for our Italian-inspired homes, spectacular views and a luxurious lifestyle. Now, the release of our new Custom Collection is providing homebuyers with an exciting new opportunity to build their one-of-a-kind dream home on a custom lot of their choice. Our estate-sized home sites are located in the Mirabella, San Marino, and Good Night Trail sections. Travisso’s Custom Collection gives homebuyers a truly unique experience—a completely customized home with all the amenities in a great community atmosphere.

How to view custom lot in Travisso

So, how do you look for a custom lot in Travisso and what should you look for? The first step is to visit Travisso’s Information Center located on Veneto Circle. There’s tons of information available and an awesome table map that encompasses the entire community. It’s a great resource because it shows the placement of all of the lots in the development. And, it also shows the location of the community’s future school, the amenity center, hiking and biking trails, roads, parks, and commercial areas. Those properties that are unavailable area marked in red. So, stop there first and view the map.

Location, location, location

Remember, it’s all about location. So, with that said, the single most important consideration when selecting a custom lot is the location of the lot within the development. This is where the table map is extremely helpful. You can view available properties and also get an idea of the shape and size of the lots. There’s no denying that purchasing a custom lot is a bit of a process. The best advice is to be patient, do your research, and ask yourself some specific questions. Is the lot close to the amenity center? Will you have a view of the sunset? If you have small children, do you want to live on a cul-de-sac? How far away is your nearest neighbor? Will your property be close to the neighborhood elementary school? You’ll also want to think about your lifestyle and your family’s daily activities. It is also advisable to consult with a builder before you purchase your lot.

Choosing a builder for your custom lot

In Travisso you can buy a custom lot and bring in your own builder or, choose from one of our preferred builders. Again, it’s imperative that you research builders first. Then, interview those you feel are a good fit. Finally, check out their work and get references. You can view the work of Travisso’s preferred custom builders during this year’s 2018 Parade of Homes, October 19 through November 4. Choosing a builder isn’t easy. So, here’s a great article published by the National Association of Home Builders that will help you ask the right questions. You’ll also want to choose someone that you know you can trust and work with. After all, you’ll be spending a lot of time with your builder so, make sure you have great rapport.

Consider lot size

You will absolutely want to ensure the lot you are considering will fit the size of home you are building. Again, the best thing to do is to consult with your builder. However, you should also ask yourself the following questions: How do you plan to use your backyard? Is there enough space for a patio? Do you plan on building a pool? How will you orient your pool on the lot? Will your home have a two or three car garage? Or, do you need additional garage space? All these considerations will determine the size of lot you will need to purchase.

View a satellite photo of the lot

Technology is amazing these days. So, use it to view the property you are considering. Google Street View is an excellent resource. Not only will you be able to see what’s adjacent to the property, you’ll also be able to scan a much larger radius. Getting a heads up on what’s down the road or in the back of the property can be eye-opening. Will there be apartment complexes close to your property or new homes? Or, will your yard back up to a green belt? Buyer beware here. Before you buy you’ll want to know about future construction projects and how it may or may not affect the property.

Visit the lot frequently 

Before you purchase a custom lot it really is essential to walk the entire property. The point here is that you need to check the condition of the property. Satellite images, though very helpful, may not reveal certain conditions. So, check the grade, drainage, and surroundings of the property. Is the lot sloped? After it rains where does the water drain to? If you’re not in a hurry it might be a good idea to walk the lot after it rains. You’ll also want to be aware of both sights and sounds. Will power lines obstruct your view of the sunset? Can you hear a train in the background? So, when walking the property look up and down and all around and take notes of the things you hear and see.

Be aware of the setbacks 

By definition property setbacks are specific guidelines set by local governments. Setbacks determine how close to the border of a property you can build. They also determine how far a property is located from the street and to the sides and rear of neighboring properties. It’s important to know what the setbacks are because they determine where you can place your home on the lot. If you don’t know the property’s setbacks ask your builder or check out the City of Leander building codes. Both will have the answer.

What about CC&Rs?

In the real estate industry CC&Rs are commonly known as Covenants, Codes and Restrictions. Before you begin to build on your lot in Travisso you’ll need to know what the CCRs are. Basically, they are a set of rules established by a developer or Homeowner’s Association that oversee the residences in a community. Is there a committee that will need to approve your design? Will your home have to meet a certain square-footage criteria? All of this information and more is available in a marketing packet put together for those homebuyers interested in purchasing a custom lot in Travisso. The packet is available at Travisso’s Information Center.

Interested in buying a Travisso custom lot?

Travisso is a place to explore; a place to relax; a place to call home. With over-the-top amenities, fabulous home designs, natural beauty, and only a 30-minute drive to downtown Austin, what’s not to love? Visit us today or set up an appointment to view our custom lots by calling Derrick Jones at 512-657-8225 or Sean LeGrant at 512-859-8225. You can also call our Information Center at 512-243-8583 for additional information.


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