Aug 12, 2020

How to Design a Virtual Classroom in your Home

This week marks the official start of back-to-school in Central Texas. However, many districts will begin the 2020/21 school year with three weeks of virtual learning. That means families will be back at the grind working and learning at home together. To keep your kids focused and their priorities in the forefront, it’s critical to provide them with a virtual classroom that is quiet, free of clutter and distractions, and other siblings.

While there are possible trials and tribulations of kids learning at home, setting up a virtual classroom doesn’t have to be one of them. Transform your home space into a virtual classroom that will help to motivate your kids and foster their creativity. And also to keep their learning on the fast track. Before designing your home’s virtual classroom consider these tips from the experts. Let’s learn.

Identify and Designate a Permanent Virtual Classroom Space

Take a quick inventory of your home’s open spaces. It’s probably best to keep your virtual classroom on the first level of your home. While your home’s upstairs may have plenty of space, it may not be conducive for all of your home learners. An empty flex room, den, or home office can be efficient and provide room for storage. It’s also important to involve your kids in the process. Knowing they have a say in the matter will make them more relaxed and at ease.

Consider Separate Spaces for Different Grade Levels

Do you have multiple children in varying grade levels?  If so, then you know that attention spans for younger children is much shorter than for middle and high schoolers. Typically, younger kids like to be in the middle of things. As a result, a kitchen or dining room table may be the ideal learning space. However, if they are easily distracted a reading nook in a bedroom or another room may be the better option. On the flip side, high schoolers may prefer more private quarters such as their bedroom. Bedrooms are full of distractions, so make sure there are other options available. For kids that are close in age consider putting them in one room with a large table. If concentration levels vary, separate the space with a bookcase or partition.

Make Learning Spaces Comfortable

Ample lighting, proper air flow and comfortable temperatures are essential to your virtual classroom. While a room with windows producing natural sunlight can boost energy levels, there are downsides. When the sun isn’t shining it can be gloomy. In addition, the sun produces a lot of heat. Equipping your virtual classroom with bright light fixtures and blackout drapes will help regulate these issues. A ceiling fan is another way to cool off warm, humid areas.

Furniture for a Virtual Classroom

Is your virtual classroom equipped with comfortable, functional furniture? Ikea is a great place to find cost-friendly desks and tables. They come in a variety of sizes and styles that can fit right into almost any room décor. If you have the space a long table can do double duty and accommodate more than one child if necessary. A portion of a dining room table that gets little use is another viable solution. Experts recommend a comfortable ergonomic chair for long periods of sitting. To ensure proper posture and spinal health safety read this article published by the Ergonomics Health Association. The thorough guide reviews a variety of kids’ desk sets for quality, safety and price. Then it recommends the best ones.

Create a Permanent Place to Keep Supplies

Making your virtual classroom functional and accessible will make everyone’s day more enjoyable. Kids and even adults can get easily forget where they place things day after day. Hunting for notebooks, pencils and books can eat up a lot of time. To eliminate this daily distraction create a supply area in your virtual classroom. Wired baskets, desk organizers and pen and paper holders are great tools. Keep staplers, tape, markers and paper clips at your fingertips by placing them in sight. Or, store them in a plastic labeled organizer. Open storage containers with baskets work well and can easily meld into your home’s décor.

Keep Learning Spaces Neat and Orderly

At the end of the day it’s all about making sure you can start the next day ready to go. To keep your kids organized and spaces clutter free, assign them their own space to place their things. Or, a basket or two in the open storage container. Hold them accountable. Ensure they put their things away by making it an end-of-the-day habit.

Need More Space for a Virtual Classroom?

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