Aug 30, 2019

Feng Shui Tips for the Ultimate Home Office

With the potential of life’s demands knocking at your door in a minutes notice working from home can sometimes be a challenge. And a dream job for many American workers wishing they could work in their pajamas sans makeup and forego sitting in hour-long traffic jams. Most of us if given the opportunity would gladly trade-in our cubicles to work from home. Even if it is only one or two days a week. With the benefits of working from home there are also downsides. Finding the right location in your home and keeping a well-maintained organized space free of toys, bills, and laundry are two of them. However, by implementing a few basic principles of feng shui you can keep your space clutter-free and combat any disorganization that can creep in.

Deeply rooted in Chinese culture feng shui dates back 3,000 years. This ancient form of art and science helps to achieve balance and harmony by unblocking the spiritual forces that are present in an environment. Applying feng shui practices allows the forces to flow freely to create balance in both space and life. The ultimate goal of any good feng shui design is to assure good fortune through the proper arrangement, orientation, and placement of the elements in your space. With that in mind consider these tips when transcending your office into a viable and energized work space.

Location matters

The foundation to good home office energy is finding a location that puts as much distance as possible between your bedroom and office. This helps to separate your work life from your personal one. So, finding the right location in your home is key. The ideal scenario here is to not have to walk through your home to get to your office. Ideally, a separate entrance is best. But that’s a tall order for those of us that don’t have homes equipped with a viable second entrance. One piece of advice to keep in mind is to steer clear from putting your office in a basement setting.

Furniture placement is key

Most likely if you already have a home office the desk is facing the wall. So, do an about face. One of most important principles of feng shui is to not have your back facing the door. Referred to as the command position it lets you see people coming in. And sets you up as the master of your space. Place it so that you can see the door but not in line with it. Experts suggest placing it in the diagonal corner of your room farthest from the door.

Use décor that inspires

Create a home office environment with success in mind. And a place that is aesthetically pleasing to be in. So, don’t hold back. Let your personal style show and build an atmosphere that will inspire you to be your best. Try gracing your walls and bookshelves with inspirational quotes and your favorite books. Or, images of successful people in your chosen field.

Add some comfort

For increased efficiency be sure to make it comfortable especially if you are working full time. A well-fit office chair and standing desk for a change of pace can do wonders for your productivity and posture.

Bring in natural light and plants

No matter where you are working from being cooped up in the same interior space can take a toll. So, bring the outdoors inside with lots of bright green plants and natural light. By its very nature the color green signifies life, renewal, energy and is associated with harmony and safety. Everything you want your home office to be.

Consider the color scheme

When considering a home office color scheme experts say it depends on the work you do. Others say it’s about the location of the room in your home. Remember, for the long haul it’s about maximizing prosperity and productivity. Being familiar with the five elements of feng shui will also help you to balance out your space. To increase clarity and mental focus add the color white.

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