Sep 7, 2021

New Amenity: Formula 1-themed Monza Park opens at Travisso

Resting in the rolling Texas hills lies new grounds for exploration at Travisso. Nearly complete, Formula 1-themed Monza Park will become your new place to relax or create memories with your family. 

As a one of a kind place where conservation meets reimagined playscape, Monza Park offers something for the whole family. Inspiration comes from the rich history of Formula 1 racing at Monza’s Italian Grand Prix.

Monza Park at Travisso

Monza, Italy Fun Fact

The Italian Grand Prix is the 5th oldest National Grand Prixbut the most held with the 202race set to become the 91st race.

Family Centric

Formula 1 racing is one of the most popular sports globally. National races have always been family centric. Before the main race kicks off, kids can go on the track for go kart races. Many of the best F1 racers started in go karts. 

Travisso incorporated this tradition from Monza, Italy into the community’s own Monza Park. With stop sign scaled down for your children, kids can line their bicycles up to race along the winding pathways, to the finish of F1-stripped sidewalks. Add some Italian flair into any riding lessons on the trike track.

Monza, Italy Fun Fact

Ferrari is the most successful team at Monza. The team’s most recent win in 2019 brings their total victories to 20.

Travisso kids enjoying Monza Park

Located in Texas Hill County, most of the Travisso community rest through steep terrain. Monza Park was designed to be a safe and flat surface away from many of the busy and sloped streets for kids to grow and have fun.

Grow more incorporated in the Travisso community by meeting your neighbors and encouraging kids to make new friends while close to home. 

Playground Features:

  • Jungle Gym Playset with Slide
  • Swings
  • Trike Racing Track
  • Park Benches
  • Picnic Tables
  • Covered Patio Area
playing in monza park at travisso

Monza, Italy Fun Fact

The City of Monza’s park is one of the largest urban parks in Europe.

Natural Beauty

Monza Park also highlights the conservation of Travisso’s natural landscape with towering oak trees and blooming flowers. Take a walk under this canopy of greenery along mulch pathways.

Don’t forget to bring along your pets. Wide open grassy areas create the perfect place for a game of catch. There are designated pet waste bins along the way.

The Pavilion at Monza Park is the perfect place to gather family and friends for a picnic.

Visit Monza Park

Corner of San Polo Place and Via Roma Pass!

map to monza park

Travisso Amenities

Formula 1-themed Monza Park is just one of the amenities residents of Travisso have to enjoy. The Palazzo Clubhouse is home to a state of the art workout center, pool and splash pad, and new events happening each month.

You can explore all the Travisso lifestyle has to offer or follow our Facebook page to get updates on events.

Formula-1 Themed Monza Park at Travisso

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