Mar 23, 2019

9 Fresh Decorating Ideas to Use this Spring

Say a fond farewell to winter and hello to spring. Warmer temperatures and lots of sunshine are on the horizon. During spring the air is clear. It’s also a time for renewal and a fresh start. The color green is everywhere. Wildflowers are in bloom and new buds are popping out on trees, flowers, and plants. And, it’s all about out with the old and in with the new. In all its glowing glory spring creates its own sense of romance and sophisticated vibe. Which is why it’s an excellent time to add fresh décor to your home. A spring update can give your indoors a sense of starting over. But, it doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money. To give you some design inspiration we provided a list of some of the best-of-the best inexpensive ways to add new life to your home.

Grow fresh herbs indoors. Usher in the spring season by planting an indoor herb garden. Basil, chives, parsley. Rosemary, thyme, and oregano, too. Herbs are always better when they’re fresh and 100 percent guaranteed to taste better. They’re also convenient. Just cut off a few sprigs anytime you’re cooking. And, their bright green hues add the perfect décor element to any spring kitchen refresh. The good news is that once you start your plants they’re good to go all year-round. To begin you’ll need just a few essential materials including containers, the proper soil, and plenty of water and sunshine. Some herbs grow better indoors than others. Check out this article from Better Homes and Garden for your herb garden success.

Freshen your space with a new coat of paint. Looking at the same paint color season after season in the same room can get a little tiring. So, change it up. Painting a room is inexpensive and a great way to give it new life. Trendy paint colors are springing up all over for 2019. Pretty pinks, crisp blues, bold yellows, and garden greens are topping Southern Living’s list of favorite spring paint colors this year. Check out their list here.

Arrange pillows so that they talk. With the proper playful mix of vibrant, rich colors and varied textures they may not talk but they will add excitement to a room. Take a look at your room and what’s already in it. Pick out a color from a painting, a vase, or another item that will stand out. Then, build your pillow collage from there. Try variations of the same color in different sizes and shapes such as square, round, and rectangle. Choose pillows that you truly love. Remember, they all don’t have to match. Which by the way, makes things more interesting. Use this tip for other rooms in your home including bedrooms, a media room, and in the kitchen. Pretty pillows sitting on a window seat in the kitchen is stunning.

Create a focal point with floral artwork. Hanging large floral artwork is all the rage, again. As a matter of fact, any floral art will work. For a quick spring pick me up add artwork in a variety of sizes and shapes to bedrooms, a dining room, in a foyer, and in bathrooms. Spruce up home offices, laundry rooms, and kitchens with colorful oils, watercolors, sketches, acrylics, and photographs. Let your creativity shine and mix it up. For years design gurus nixed mixing styles. But, now it’s acceptable to hang an Impressionism piece alongside an Abstract. Just be sure there is a cohesive element that ties them together such as a particular color or the same frame style.

Bring the outdoors indoors. Butterflies, birds, dragonflies, faux nests, and honeybees scream spring. To add these outdoor elements indoors shop for butterfly shadow boxes, prints and posters with birds, and dragonfly pillows. Faux nests and honeybee ginger jars are perfect compliments for any spring tablescape. You’ll also find all these animal and insect motifs on kitchen towels, candles, napkins and paper dinnerware, and on tablecloths and table runners for easy, carefree spring decorating.

Spread joy throughout your home with flowers. Place a simple single bloom in a white vase, use flowers in a centerpiece, or on a front door wreath. For the ideal spring floral bouquet use a combination of hydrangeas, orchids, tulips, daffodils, daisies, and lilies. There’s also plenty of other ways to spread the joy of flowers. Place them in clear vases, colored bottles, Mason jars, buckets, baskets, window boxes, sprinkling cans, and colorful Easter pails. Then, place them on coffee and end tables, consoles, bedroom night stands, and bathroom countertops.  The possibilities are truly endless here. Let your creativity flow.

Decorate with wallpaper. It’s not just for walls anymore. And, it’s also ok if you don’t paper an entire room with it. Look at it as more of an accent. Create interest by adding wallpaper to the back of a bookshelf, to repurpose an old accent table, or spruce up an open shelf. Also, use it to create your own wall art. Start by choosing a few different designs that compliment your décor. Vary the colors and the patterns to match your room and personal decorating style. Then, cut out squares of the same size and frame them. Discover additional ways to decorate with wallpaper here.

Add a twist of vintage. To add a touch of vintage to any spring home décor display teacups, milk-white pitchers, and antique tins filled with flowers. Or, put together a collection of all three and display them without any flowers at all. You can find all sorts of vintage décor at both resale shops and flea markets. Here, in central Texas, and particularly in the hill country, you’ll find a series of farmer’s markets, market days, and trade days that sell collectibles and time-honored treasures. Clothing, jewelry, pottery, and arts and crafts. Time-worn trunks, wooden bowls, and wire baskets. Remember, you don’t have to decorate an entire room in vintage. Small touches go a long way.

Create a breath of fresh green. Spring has sprung. And, the best way to celebrate the season is to add the color green to your home. Filling fresh stems in vases and planters around your home works. But, there are other ways to incorporate this seasonal hue. Vases, a soft throw, candles, and pretty dishware in soft green tones and pastels are perfect.

Whether you use one or two ideas from the list, or all nine, have fun, enjoy, and happy spring!

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