Jan 24, 2018

Stylish and Functional Furniture that Delivers Both

When it comes to buying furniture in my household we struggle with style vs. functionality. I want furniture to be stylish, trendy, chic, and look beautiful. However, others in my household want furniture that is comfortable, sturdy, and will last forever. However, the number one criteria is functionality. If it is multi-functional, better yet. The functional furniture dilemma has plagued my household for some time. But, I am here to tell you

Are you craving creativity and flair with a dose of functionality for your new Travisso home? You might want to begin by deciding if you want a causal, semi-formal, or formal feel to your furniture or the room that you are decorating. Next, envision a style. There are certain styles that tend to be more causal, while others are more formal. A few of the many design styles that exist in home decorating today include Arts and Crafts, Contemporary, Farmhouse, Industrial, Modern, Transitional, Traditional, and Tuscan. There’s also Boho Chic, Coastal, Eclectic, Mid-Century Modern, Minimalist, and several more. If you are unsure about a particular style, check out this blog on design styles and what defines them. Remember, is it ok to mix-up your look with a combination of styles and trends.

However, the ultimate question here is if it is possible to get both style and functionality into a piece of furniture? The answer is a big yes. You can overcome style vs. functionality with three pieces of furniture that I found delivers the best of both worlds.

Stylish and functional furniture for your home

The Ottoman Coffee Table. The ottoman is a perfect solution for my household. That’s because the people in it think the sole purpose of having a coffee table is for feet. However, the ottoman has fantastic style potential with endless possibilities. Ottomans come in round, rectangular and square shapes. They also come in varying sizes such as small, medium, and large. You can get them in leather or fabric and with fancy wooden legs in varying stain choices, metal legs, or no legs at all. Ottomans can be casual and child-friendly or sophisticated by adding fine details and embellishments. A few of those details include decorative top-stitching, welting, tufts, and nail heads. Ottomans can also come with convenient bottom shelving for storage. Whether you choose to dress your ottoman up or down, use it as a coffee table or in another venue, this option is a winner.

The Swivel Chair. There are chair options out there than a recliner. One option is a well-constructed swivel chair. It’s a great solution. A swivel chair is stylish, streamlined, and functional. It turns around. You can turn it to watch TV, talk to another person, or view the outside. How great is that? A swivel chair not only looks great it’s cozy. And, a great option for taller people that require a chair with a long back for comfort. Again, the options here are endless and only limited by creativity. Different materials, embellishments, and leg options all create that special look for your home.

Other options that deliver

Benches and stools. Both of these furniture mainstay have the perfect recipe for success. Benches are functional—you can sit on them, easily move them from room to room, and store items. Add a bench to an entry way, a living room, or at the foot of a bed in a bedroom. Benches can be incorporated into to any room in your home. You can buy them upholstered, in varying wood stains, painted, with backs or no backs, with metal or with no metal at all. Pretty up a bench with pillows and a decorative throw with a burst of color to match your décor.

When it comes to stools many people are reluctant to take them out from under the kitchen island. Now, that’s a mistake. Stools can easily be moved anywhere in your household especially when you have a few extra guests and need additional seating. And, similar to benches, there’s a multitude of stylish options to match any décor.

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