Dec 13, 2019

Clear the garage clutter with these great ideas and tips

With garage space at a premium in central Texas homes, not only do garages have to provide storage for cars but also for everything else that doesn’t have a place in the home. Bicycles, sporting equipment, tools, pool accessories and garden supplies most likely are piled on the floor and don’t have a permanent space. One thing is certain. You can’t afford to neglect the clutter that can quickly add up. Having a well-maintained garage is somewhat of a badge of honor in most neighborhoods. Plus you won’t have to be embarrassed when you forget to close the door.

Whether you just moved into a new home, or just haven’t gotten around to clearing the boxes out of the garage, it’s more important than ever to have a plan. It’s super simple to instruct movers to stack boxes in the garage while you have time to sort them out. But be wary of the amount of time that elapses. If you moved into your home in January and you can’t pull your cars in the garage by June, that’s a clue it’s time to get things in order. To make your garage efficient, useable and easy to locate your stored items, check out these great tips and ideas.

Be realistic

When it comes to organizing a garage it’s going to take time. Setting aside a few hours on a Saturday afternoon probably isn’t going to cut it. Be realistic. You may have to devote several weekends before you complete the task. Your time commitment may also depend on the amount of storage projects you take on. But in the end it’ll be worth it.

Group like items together

First, eliminate those boxes in the garage that are marked for the inside. The remaining boxes should contain only items that will be stored in the garage. Categorizing the items in the garage is the first step. Some common categories include barbecue grills, tools, and accessories; sporting equipment, camping gear, automotive supplies, lawn maintenance tools, gardening accessories and outdoor toys and games. On the flip side you also need to be mindful of items that should never be stored in the garage. Home safety is the number one priority, after all.

Weed out things that you don’t want

Go through all the items and separate them into three piles—keep, donate, or throw away. If you’re feeling energetic add a fourth pile and label it “garage sale.”

Designate an area in the garage for each category

With the garage empty try to visualize the best places for those items you are keeping and storing. Think about convenience, frequency, who will be using the items and the amount of allowable space. For example, store items that are used daily and weekly on a lower level shelf or at eye level. Items that are used less frequently should be placed higher up. To access them quickly keep a step ladder nearby.

Assign a space for outdoor toys and bikes

Keeping kids organized is half the battle. To encourage them from putting their bikes on the garage floor, assign everyone in the family a spot specifically for their bike. Bicycle hooks are also a great way to get them off the floor. Just make sure they are easily accessible. The same goes for toys, they should be within reach of children. A multi-tiered shelf with plastic storage bins keeps toys both neat and organized. Remember to label each bin with its contents.

Make use of wall space

The key to an efficient garage is to get things off the floor. And the best way to do that is to maximize wall space. Shelving units, hooks, and storage cabinets and closets with pull out drawers not only store a lot, they also help to make things look tidy and orderly. A combination of wire and cloth baskets keeps organization at bay and helps to find things quickly. Use hooks for hanging up ladders, and lawn maintenance equipment such as rakes, hoes, trimmers and edgers.

Install a workbench

Whether you buy a workbench and put it together, or build your own, it’s the perfect solution for the home handyman. With everything in its place you’ll never have to wonder where your tools are. Many pre-made varieties come with plenty of storage and drawers for items such as drills, nails, hammers, utility cords, paint brushes, saws, pliers and wrenches. Models run the gamut and also include multi-purpose benches with tables and ones with wheels for easy movement.

Peg board it

Never underestimate the organizational abilities of a peg board. It’s a great solution for any size garage and for hanging all sorts of odds and ends. Additionally, it’s a fantastic counterpart for any tool bench and helps to keeps things off the floor and onto the wall. You can install one in 11 simple steps. Get the step-by-step directions here.

Don’t forget to look up

The ceiling in your garage also counts as a wall. Installing wire storage racks are a great way to maximize your space and hold vast amounts of seasonal sporting equipment such as fishing poles and accessories, kayaks, canoes, and golf equipment. Seasonal decor can go up there, too. Don’t limit your options. Ceiling hooks can also work to your advantage.

Get creative

Everyone’s stuff is different. For those hard to place awkward items a little creativity can go a long way. Review this article from HGTV for new ways to transform previously used items into functional garage storage space. You’ll be glad you did.

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