Feb 22, 2019

Why HOAs are Good for the Neighborhood

Moving into the right neighborhood is just as important as moving into the right home. The right neighborhood really is one of the most important decisions in the home buying process. When choosing the right neighborhood one of the key things to consider is the future. How long do you plan to live there? Will you sell your home down the road? Though none of us can predict the future, projecting how long you may stay in a home can help you make major decisions. After all, resale value is especially important when it comes to selecting a neighborhood. Another important thing to consider is your lifestyle. How active and social are you? Is there ample green space? And, do you want to live in a neighborhood or a master-planned community with a Homeowner’s Association (HOA)?

An HOA is an organization within a residential housing development or master planned community. Their primary responsibility is to create and enforce rules and guidelines to maintain the property and its common areas. In most cases, the HOA is managed by a Property Management company hired by the community’s developer to manage their property. As a homeowner living in a HOA community you are required to follow the rules and pay dues. HOAs not only offer big advantages to a neighborhood they can also add value to a home. So, here’s a list of why HOAs are good for the hood and active lifestyles.

Four primary advantages of living in an HOA neighborhood

  • Rules and guidelines provide community conformity. The #1 reason why an HOA has rules is to protect the property values and appearance of the neighborhood. Almost all HOAs have rules and guidelines relating to architectural design and home color. Moreover, they also have guidelines that cover major aesthetics in the community such as landscaping, fences, signs, pools, and outside accessory buildings. Homes in well maintained neighborhoods sell quicker.
  • You can score big with lots of amenities. A major advantage of living in an HOA is its amenities. Swimming pools, hiking and biking trails, and neighborhood parks are just a few of the many perks. In the master-planned community of Travisso, the Palazzo, a resort-style on-site amenity center is the community’s core. Voted the #1 Clubhouse in Texas in 2017, The Palazzo provides residents with over 9,200 square feet of indoor and outdoor recreational space. There’s also a full-time lifestyle director that oversees the 2,000 square-foot fitness center and organizes and plans resident events. Community Association Management (CCMC) manages Travisso’s HOA.
  • Attractive neighborhoods show well. You will definitely have an easier time selling your home in an attractive meticulously well-kept community. Services such as trimming trees, cutting grass, planting shrubs and flowers, street cleaning, and painting retaining walls to common areas are the responsibility of the HOA.
  • HOAs increase and enhance the value of your home. HOAs hold their residents to high standards. Therefore, if you buy a home in a HOA community expect to keep your home’s exterior and property tidy. That means cutting your lawn, painting and mending your fence, and making frequent repairs. And, because of the rules HOAs create homeowners that sell their homes can reap the benefits. Homes that reside in an HOA tend to sell at a higher price than homes that are not in an HOA community.

And, there’s more…

  • Amenities are well-maintained. There’s no need to worry about things looking shabby. And, best of all you don’t have to do the work. HOA’s typically do a great job ensuring things are clean and working properly. A few of their many responsibilities include ensuring the swimming pool and decks are clean, the maintenance and lighting of tennis courts and common areas, and that fitness equipment is operational.
  • Resolution to neighbor disputes. Does your neighbor’s dog bark uncontrollably every night at 1 a.m.? Are newspapers and trash cans left on the curb for a week? These types of disputes and more can be handled more discreetly by going through the HOA then a face-to-face discussion with your neighbor.
  • They can be great for your social life. Community events, block parties, clubs, and organizations flourish. Living in an HOA community is great way to make new friends. From wine and book clubs to bunco and bridge to running and walking groups and more, there’s plenty of activities. And, plenty of people to do them with.
  • HOA’s create and foster a sense of community. Because everyone pays their fair share people tend to be more responsible. There is also a greater sense of ownership and community pride.
  • Greater flow of communication. These days it is easy to keep up with what’s going on the neighborhood with social media and online communication tools. Travisso’s HOA sends it monthly newsletter via email and provides information on the pool, fitness programs, community events and children’s activities. HOA’s are the perfect avenue for getting a community together for a common cause such as implementing a Neighborhood Watch Program.

Travisso—a master-planned community in the Texas hill country

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