Jun 7, 2020

Household Projects to Refresh Your Home this Summer

While household projects usually don’t make it on our summer bucket lists, the warmer months make it the ideal time to refresh our living spaces. Although summer is for lazy days and catching the sun’s rays poolside, there are some household projects that lend themselves to warmer weather. And they aren’t all outdoors either. To add a breath of fresh air to your home’s interior and exterior spaces we found a few inexpensive summer projects that you can tackle in less than a day. And make your home feeling summer fresh both inside and out.

Indoor Household Projects

Refresh Your Home with Light, Bright and Colorful Decor. Changing out pillows and adding new candlesticks, vases and a painting in vibrant colors can make all the difference. Or, to keep things light and bright there’s nothing quite like adding white to a room. Freshly cut garden flowers in white bud vases are simple and look beautiful on a front entrance table. But don’t limit it to just one room in your home. Freshen up a bedroom space with a white quilt and shams for a delightfully light inviting look.

Paint an Accent Wall. Just because it’s warm outside doesn’t mean you have to halt your indoor paint projects. Whether you are painting a laundry room, powder room, or an accent wall, it is possible to get great results if you follow a few tips. And if you don’t like the smell of fresh paint hanging around opening widows when you’re done speeds up the recovery process. Remember to keep the project small and don’t paint when temperatures rise over 95 degrees.

Flip and Rotate Mattresses. This is probably one task that takes a back seat to the usual household chores. There’s a general consensus among experts that rotating and flipping mattresses are essential for both peak performance and longevity. After all, sleeping in the same place every night can cause indentations and unevenness. For a restful night’s sleep and keeping your spine in check it is recommended to flip mattresses three times to once a year.

Outdoor Household Projects

Add New Mulch to Landscaped Areas. The winter months are tough on landscaping beds. Rain and wind tend to make mulch disappear and fade. Bright black mulch can easily turn a dull brown. Revive your home’s exterior with a new layer of accent mulch to exterior flower beds, garden areas and around trees. The results are instantaneous, gratifying and looks great immediately after laying it down. Mulching also has many benefits that go beyond appearance such as fending off weeds. Follow these tips before you invest time and money.

Color Pop Your Front Door. Be bold. Add a fresh coat of paint to a front door in an unexpected color. It’s a fantastic way to create interest. And make your home stand out from the others on the block. Directing someone to your home will be super easy especially if your paint it Yellowcake. Yes, it’s an actual color, but it sounds oh so delicious, too! You can’t go wrong with that.

Inspect and Clean Outdoor Furniture and Surfaces. Central Texas winter temperatures and precipitation can run the gamut from one year to the next. With that said, the winter months can take a toll on unstored outdoor furniture, rugs, pillows and cushions. On the average, this year’s weather was fairly mild in Austin. To ensure your outdoor furniture is in top shape start with pillows and cushion covers. If they are looking soiled and shabby a machine-washing may be the answer. However, if they are faded and sun-beaten consider purchasing new ones. Also, make sure you scrub furniture and hose down all outdoor rugs. Rain will wash away surface dirt but it tends to miss hard to get at areas on tables, chairs, sofas and ceiling fans. Power wash and hose down decks and all cement surfaces, too.

Gardening Projects

Develop a Green Thumb. Growing and cultivating a garden is a great way to enhance your home. It’s also an active hobby that has many health benefits. Vegetable and flower gardens no doubt are the most popular. However, when it comes to growing, planting and nurturing a home garden there are a multitude of choices. Limiting them can be a big mistake. From herb to butterfly to container and succulent, gardens can take on many different forms and fit just about anywhere. Make it a family affair and watch it grow together. The kids will love it.

Add a Potting Bench to Your Outdoor Space. Whether you are a beginning gardener, or a seasoned veteran, a well-constructed potting bench can help you keep supplies organized and tools in one place. It can also do double duty and act as a focal point for your outdoor space. For the do-it-yourselfer building one can be more than a one-day project. But it doesn’t have to be. From the simple to the more elaborate, there are DIY projects available for all skill levels. If you’re not planning on building your own then purchasing one will work just as well.

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