Feb 22, 2018

Refresh your space with these easy, quick household projects

Refresh your indoor and outdoor living space with these great ideas you can finish in less than a few hours. And, there’s no need to don’t delay, you can refresh your space starting today. There’s all sorts of ways to refresh your living space, here’s just a few ideas to help you spring forward.

Ideas to refresh your indoor space

Clean out your spice drawer. There’s no denying that cleaning out a drawer is a chore. Though, most of us think the shelf life for herbs and spices is forever, spice guru McCormick’s says it isn’t so. According to McCormick, herbs and spices fall into three categories each with a different shelf life. Those include ground spices, 3-4 years; whole spices, 4 years: green herbs, 1-3 years and 1-2 years for spice blends. Once your spices exceed their expiration date toss them out. Check out their website here for more tips.

Freshen up your spring table with a set of pretty dessert plates. They are usually sold in sets and range in size from 6 to 7.25 inches. But, the fun here is in the range of colors, patterns, and shapes they come in. From pastels to jewel tones, floral patterns to stripes, animal-inspired to storybook characters, there’s no stopping the creativity. Coordinate with your favorite dinner plates. Then, top them off with luscious pieces of White Chocolate Lemon Cheesecake.

Update an old piece of furniture by repainting it. This is a great way to get new life out of something you might have thrown out on the curb. Or, check out the curbs in your neighborhood and pick up a practice piece of furniture you can transform. If this is your first time painting furniture you should start with something that you don’t love. There are several different ways to begin the process however it depends on the current finish of your furniture. These days you can buy a liquid deglosser to take off the varnish finish in lieu of sanding. Once you remove the varnish, you’re ready to go. But, before you begin watch a few YouTube demos. You’ll find tips on what type of paint to buy and drying techniques.

Ideas to refresh your outdoor space

Plant fresh herbs outside. Spruce up your outside with an herb garden. Start with popular staples such as parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme. And, if it goes well, branch out to basil, tarragon, oregano, dill, cilantro or chives. Or, plant your herbs in a pot and keep them indoors on a windowsill. Use fresh herbs in your cooking, in a bud vase for a spring decoration, infused for a flavored oil, deep fried as a garnish or in a pesto. In Texas, rosemary is grown as an ornamental bush. Plant it close to your doorway for an earthy, refreshing smell.

Buy a welcome mat. Think of it as welcoming both your guests and spring. Welcome mats have a dual purpose here. They add a splash of color to your doorway and keep the dirt from the outside coming inside.

Change out your pillows on your patio furniture. Again, it’s all about color and patterns. Refresh with geometric patterns–this year’s hottest trend. Or, go from dull to magical by adding a little sparkle to your outdoor space with strings of patio lights. There’s a lot of choices out there with different price points. Imagine what you want your space to look like. Then, go from there. There’s no doubt that you’re going to love it.

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