Apr 25, 2022

Kitchens & Bathrooms: Best Renovations For Resale

If you live in a master-planned community, your home may be in high demand if you are looking to sell it. Right now, Leander is a hot marketplace for people looking to buy a home. It’s no surprise since Leander ranks as one of the best places to live because of our excellent schools, job opportunities, and welcoming community. In addition, Travisso continually receives recognition for our amenities and beautiful landscape. While our location may be perfect, some of our homes are nearly a decade old and might need a little work so you can get the best possible profit during the resale. As you focus on renovations for resale, what will benefit you the most?

 According to the National Association of Home Builders, kitchens and bathrooms remain the most popular areas of the home to renovate for both long-term owners and those looking to resale. So let’s break down where you should start and how to get started once you decide to renovate.

Best Room Renovations for Resale

Benefits of Renovating Bathrooms

bathroom renovation plans

There are many benefits to renovating bathrooms first when you’re planning a resale. First, you’ll notice bathrooms often accumulate a lot of wear and tear by the time a house is ready for sale. This is partly because they’re subject to a lot of water exposure. Floors and fixtures also just wear away with time

Bathrooms are a great starting place when focusing on renovations for resale. They have an excellent return on investment, and because they’re somewhat smaller spaces, they can cost a bit less than kitchens or other renovations would. Therefore, if you cannot proceed with a larger renovation, a bathroom could be the perfect small renovation to add value to your home. Think about adding new fixtures, sprucing up the floors and walls, and making the bathrooms an oasis. New lighting fixtures and paint can go a long way in adding a new style to your bathrooms.

Tips for Bathroom Renovations:

  • Think timeless, natural color schemes
  • Enhance bathroom storage space
  • Update plumbing fixtures
  • Add more natural lighting or updated lighting fixtures

Investments that Add Value to Kitchens

Kitchens are one space buyers focus on the most when buying a home. It can also be one most expensive areas to renovate for resale. However, investing in new appliances and some new design elements can be worthwhile when listing your home.

The kitchen often accumulates the most wear and tear as the place where people can cook and socialize and enjoy themselves. While you’ll have to invest to get these projects done, this type of investment will pay off. The kitchen is one of the focal points of a home and is an important resale factor to any prospective buyer.

Tips for Kitchen Renovations for Resale:

  • Keep the style and color scheme simple
  • Avoid extremes, but don’t cheap out on features.
  • Open up the space
  • Switch out lighting and hardware
finished kitchen remodel

Getting Renovations Started: Where to begin?

Once you’ve identified the areas you want to target for renovations, it can seem like you’ve just committed to a monumental task. Thankfully, there are numerous resources at your disposal to help you through the process of renovating. 

Start by asking a local real estate agent about current buyers’ must-haves and what repels them. Good research is the first step in completing these renovations for resale.

Next, decide how to complete your projects. Are you looking for a contractor or trying to do it yourself? Remember, this can depend on your knowledge and the scope of the project. While hiring a contractor can be more expensive, it might be the best choice to ensure your project is completed on time with no complications. 

Finally, you can start designing and get to work on your renovations! If you are looking for inspiration or want to ensure your design matches your home’s style, consider exploring our model homes at Travisso. See what our builders install at the brand new homes in our area.

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