Jul 23, 2020

Leander ISD Publishes Plan to Open 2020/21 School Year

Safeguarding students and staff through the COVID-19 pandemic while keeping education at the forefront is a question facing school districts throughout the country. With a student body of over 43,000 Leander ISD is no exception. To ensure students and staff remain safe and educational goals are met, Leander ISD has published its Launch to Learning 2020/21: Planning for the Start of School.

Under the provisions of the plan all schools within the district will operate remotely through Virtual Empowered Learning (VEL) beginning on August 13 through September 7. Instruction will remain 100% remote for three weeks. With the help of the district’s website we provide key points below.

Leander ISD School Opening Plan

On September 8 the district will begin to allow students back on campuses. However, going back to the classroom is one of two options available for middle and high school students. Option 1 allows a student to continue the school year through VEL without attending in-person classes. The second option allows a student to receive 100% in-person classroom instruction.

To reduce classroom sizes at the elementary level the district is providing an additional hybrid option. This option allows an elementary student to receive instruction by remote access and in-person learning. Those students choosing this option will have an alternating schedule. With this option in place the district estimates that the classroom will contain approximately 11-13 students at a given time. The number of students choosing the hybrid option will determine whether an individual school will offer it.

On July 17 the Texas Education Agency (TEA) gave districts throughout the state the option to offer a hybrid learning schedule to high schools. Leander ISD is currently exploring this option but a district decision has not been announced as of this writing.

Parents and guardians will have the opportunity to select the best option for the student and their family. On July 24 Leander ISD sent an email with a link to the selection form. Families without available internet access will receive instruction via mail to submit their selection by telephone. Selection forms are also available on the Leander ISD website. Families have until August 6 to submit their choices to the district.

Leander ISD will support and provide learning access and resources to individual households if necessary.

Safety Protocols

With the health and safety of its students and staff a top priority the district is currently working with campus leaders to ensure social distancing. Here’s what they are doing:

  • To maximize social distancing classrooms are being reconfigured and student desks spaced out.
  • To reduce over-crowding the district is implementing a plan to stagger arrival, dismissal and transition time in hallways.
  • If necessary, large spaces such as the school gym may be used for classrooms to provide greater social distancing.
  • It is the responsibility of the school’s principal and campus leaders to communicate and enforce social distancing guidelines to parents and students.

For an in-depth version of the district’s plan visit their website. The Launch to Learning information is on the front page. Updates are frequent and it’s the best resource for what the district is doing to open the upcoming school year safely. The site also provides information on COVID-19 protocols, FAQs and Virtual Empowered Learning.

Leander ISD Educating the Travisso Community

Leander ISD serves the master-planned community of Travisso. Currently, Travisso students attend CC Mason Elementary, Running Brushy Middle School and Leander High School. The school district has purchased land on Travisso Parkway for a future elementary school as the community grows. Additional information about Leander ISD can be found at leanderisd.org.

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