Jul 21, 2021

Meet the new staff members at Travisso

As we welcomed in summer this year, we also welcomed new faces to the Travisso community. David Allen and Adrian Hernandez joined the team in June. We want to take this opportunity to introduce you to the staff members at Travisso that will be assisting you with all your community and event needs.

David Allen, Community Manager

David Allen is originally a Rochester Hills, Michigan native but has called Cedar Park home for more than a decade. As your new Community Manager, David works to expand the homeowner network at Travisso while serving as a liaison between residents and the developer board. 

David is also the initial contact point for homeowners looking to make improvements to their property, through ACC reviews. With David’s help, residents are assured the paperwork they are submitting to the board is properly filled out and intact.

David’s relationship as a liaison with the residents and the HOA leads to a few misconceptions in his role. Infrastructure in the community, such as roads and utilities, is managed by the City of Leander. When residents have questions or concerns on the upkeep of our infrastructure, they reach out to David. He gladly works with the HOA on ways to collaborate with the city to get your questions answered, but he can’t get physical results. David is proud to be a spokesperson for Travisso and all its residents. He encourages you to continue to discuss your community needs with him. 

The reason David is at Travisso, is the same reason many of you are.  First, Travisso is a beautiful ad diverse community with fantastic homeowners from every walk of life. David enjoys meeting and talking with all of you, whether it’s a compliment or a concern. Second, David is proud to represent the community to the HOA and the city of Leander. Finally, he joins the same benefits of Texas Hill County that you do!

David is an avid boater. Growing up in Michigan, he was always on the water. He currently has a pontoon boat on Lake Austin. When he’s not at work, or at his home, you can find him cruising the lake with his family. 

Give a warm welcome to our new staff members at Travisso. If you have any questions or want to say ‘hi’ you can stop by the Travisso office at the Palazzo or contact David by email at dallen@ccmcnet.com.

Adrian Hernandez, Lifestyle Director

Adrian Hernandez is the Lifestyle Director at Travisso. Her goal is to incorporate the diverse community and robust lifestyle here into the Travisso social calendar. Adrian works to create more than an event calendar but build a better community between all the residents. Events are just one way she helps neighbors get to know each other.

As new staff members at Travisso, Adrian is most excited to welcome to activities that utilize the wide variety of amenities in our community. From the soccer field to the Palazzo pool, Adrian says there is unlimited possibilities. Her favorite event happening right now for Travisso residents is the youth soccer program with Roots Fútbol. Learn more about all the summer activities at Travisso.

Adrian earned her Bachelor’s in Kinesiology and Biology from Concordia University, Texas. Outside of work, she has volunteered by creating the Peddler Kitten beginner triathlete clinic series and is a Girls on the Run coach. Her hobbies include DIY, baking, triathlons, spending time with her dogs, reading, and writing novels.

We encourage you to reach out to Adrian with any questions, and welcome you to suggest events you want to see. She just has one request, if you stop by the office make sure to bring your pup. As a fellow dog lover, Adrian would love to meet them! You can email Adrian your event ideas, or feedback at adhernandez@ccmcnet.com.

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