Mar 29, 2019

5 Easy Ways to Spruce-up Your Outdoor Space Now

It’s almost summertime when the living gets super easy. And, the weather is sunny and warm. A time to enjoy the great outdoors, discover your happy place, and walk barefoot. It’s also a time to lay back and relax. That’s usually not too hard to do. Especially if you create a private outdoor comfortable living space in your very own backyard.

Because it’s still spring there’s plenty of time to give your outdoor space a fresh update and some much needed TLC. Think of your outdoor space as an extension of your indoors. Is your indoors elegant and trendy, comfy like your favorite worn T-shirt, or somewhere in-between? The answer will help you move forward with creating your backyard escape. But, before you begin, check out our list of amazing tips for creating a fabulous outdoor space for dining, entertaining, lounging, or just hanging out.

Make it comfortable. One of the most important goals of an outdoor living space is to ensure it’s comfortable. After all, it’s a place to relax and take it easy. Which means you’ll also want furniture that is easy to clean. So, choosing the right furniture is essential. There’s plenty of options on the market. From traditional sofas and loveseats to trendy sectionals and modular varieties it’s all about your own personal style. Choose from durable metal, all-weather wicker, or rust-resistant aluminum furniture. Before purchasing read the manufacturer’s labels for warranties, durability, and cleaning tips. And, don’t forget to add comfy cushions. New furniture sets most likely will include the cushions. However, if you are replacing cushions for an existing set choose a fabric that is durable, resists stains and fading, and cleans easily.

Don’t over crowd your outdoor space. There’s such a thing as adding too much furniture. Keep it simple. It’s advisable to measure your space first. Many retail and furniture stores and mail-order catalogs sell outdoor furniture in sets. Looking through a recent big-box catalog a four-piece conversation set consists of a loveseat, two side chairs, and a coffee table. Chairs are usually sold in sets of two. However, you can also purchase a two-piece combination set that include a loveseat and a coffee table. The point here is that you don’t have to buy a four-piece set if you don’t have the room. Options abound.

Add an outdoor rug. For an instant quick patio refresh there’s nothing quite like an outdoor rug. They’re definitely a whole lot of fun. And, come in vibrant colors, playful patterns, neutrals, and a plethora of themes. Palm trees, tropical fruit designs, bright greens, nautical, geometric shapes, stripes and more. Add splashes of bold colors such as bright oranges, hot pinks, aqua, and cobalt blue. Rugs are also a great way to coordinate and tie together multiple outdoor spaces like the seating area with the dining area. Again, it’s important to measure the space. Design pros recommend that a rug under a dining table should extend at least two feet on each side.

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. This is where the fun begins. Lanterns, side tables, ceramic stools, candles, and pillows. If you already have outdoor furniture then liven it up with a trendy new outdoor side table and tropical pillows. Both accessories come in all sorts of styles, colors, and shapes. Don’t limit yourself. Have fun. Choose a theme or color scheme and go for it. Grow plants in pretty coordinating ceramic pots and planters. Then, strategically place in both the sun and shade areas of your patio. A dining table is a great venue for a collage of decorative lanterns in different sizes. For a creative new twist in lieu of candles add some earthy rocks and faux succulents.

Mix-and-match. To create a truly unique look all your own try mixing and matching furniture styles and accessories. Remember, you don’t have to buy a furniture set. Dining tables can be bought separately. Purchase your table then look for chairs. For a casual fun look try a gray wood-look table with all-weather brown wicker chairs with coordinating cushions. Add a touch of accessories and your good to go. Or, create a timeless elegant style with neutrals, blacks, whites, or touches of gray with pops of green. It’s both simple and elegant. Also, for a put-together look purchase pillows in a variety of different colors and fun patterns that closely relate to one theme.

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