May 21, 2024

Reflecting on Life at Travisso Through Resident Stories

Welcome to Travisso, where luxury meets community, nestled in the heart of Leander’s stunning scenery. As we raise our glasses to toast a decade of excellence and what lies ahead, we invite you to join us in celebrating ten years of unforgettable moments, exceptional homes, and a welcoming spirit that defines the Travisso experience. In this special anniversary article, we’re thrilled to share testimonials from current residents, offering firsthand insights into what it’s like living at Travisso. 

Since its inception, Travisso has been a beacon of upscale living, offering a haven for those seeking the perfect blend of elegance and community. As we commemorate our 10th anniversary, we reflect on the journey that has brought us here—a journey marked by growth, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to creating a place where residents truly belong.

Stories from Travisso Residents

Tessa P.

Tessa moved to Travisso in September 2020, seeking a calmer and more relaxed lifestyle after an unexpected injury and selling her home in Los Gatos, CA. Raised amidst the redwoods and near the Pacific Ocean, Tessa decided to explore Austin with a friend in early 2019, looking for natural beauty, an active community, and well-made properties. The moment she saw the Travisso entrance, she knew this was the place for her and her dog, Ruby-Jean Puff.

Tessa was immediately impressed by Travisso’s well-maintained, luxurious community, envisioning it as a place where people who appreciate the finer things in life reside. Her home, built in 2020, is nestled in the Toscana neighborhood, which was one of the few completed at the time. Over the years, she has seen significant growth, with more homes being built and the landscape maturing beautifully.

"This is a large, robust community and still growing. The team has been un-wavered, patient, and diligent where needed. This is a key value for the makings of a successful, vibrant community. If you want somewhere away from the hustle and bustle of the city yet not too far. If you are and want to be neighborly and are appreciative, grateful and take pride in where you live, love nature and the feeling of belonging, then this is the place for you."

One of Tessa’s most memorable experiences in Travisso is the evening hikes to Balcones with stunning vista views. She also cherishes the New Year’s Eve celebrations and Halloween costume parties that bring the community together.

Tessa is actively involved in many community activities, often attending events with Ruby-Jean Puff, who loves the social interaction as much as she does. She appreciates the balance of diversity and inclusivity in the events coordinated by Travisso Event Director, Adrian Hernandez, which keep the community spirit vibrant and engaging.

To those considering moving to Travisso, Tessa advises doing thorough research to ensure it aligns with what they want from a community. She highlights the importance of being neighborly, appreciating nature, and having a sense of belonging.

Lakshmi S.

Lakshmi, along with her husband Ram and their two sons made Travisso their home in 2020, captivated by its breathtaking views. Since then, they have witnessed the community undergo significant growth and transformation, with ongoing construction and an influx of new residents contributing to its vibrant atmosphere. Lakshmi envisions Travisso becoming the next Silicon Valley, a testament to its potential and allure. She eagerly anticipates future developments, including planned amenities like a lap pool and yoga room. But beyond the physical enhancements, Lakshmi emphasizes the profound impact Travisso has had on her lifestyle and sense of belonging. 

“I have evolved as a community leader. We created a fun cultural group under the HOA called Desi Ladies, and we meet every quarter to celebrate all types of cultures. We celebrate Diwali (Festival of Lights), International Women's Day 2024, and others planned for later this year. Travisso is not another neighborhood. It is a community, a family, and a lifestyle. We are a close-knit group of friends in this community, and we help each other out. I absolutely love this community.”

Lakshmi fondly recalls the joyous festivities of Diwali 2023, where the community came together in celebration, epitomizing Travisso’s spirit of unity and support. Reflecting on her involvement in various community activities, Lakshmi expresses gratitude for the friendships forged and the sense of community that permeates Travisso. To prospective residents, she offers assurance that Travisso offers not just a home but an enriching lifestyle marked by exceptional amenities, welcoming neighbors, and a tight-knit community ethos.

“You are making the right choice. You have everything you need right here in Travisso. It has an amazing facility, great views, an awesome HOA, friendly neighbors, and, above all, a great lifestyle.”

Penny C.

Penny moved to Travisso in 2015, making her home in the original Venito section. Originally from Westlake, Ohio, Penny relocated to Austin in 1996 and came to Travisso from Canyon Creek after becoming a widow. Seeking a vibrant community where she could meet new people, Penny was drawn to Travisso’s beautiful, resort-like terrain. A certified dyslexia therapist with a 35-year teaching career, she retired from Round Rock ISD after 22 years. She also owned the Austin Dyslexia Reading Center for over 25 years, continuing remote services after closing the physical center during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Penny’s home, built by Taylor Morrison, was designed to accommodate visits from her four grown children and four grandchildren, complete with a pool and cabana. In 2016, Penny began introducing herself to fellow empty nesters, collecting names and email addresses to form a social group. Starting with 20 people, the group has grown to over 250 people who have expressed an interest in the empty nesters group. Now called the Young@Heart Social Group, Penny has served as acting chairman since 2017.

Through her dedication to Young@Heart, Penny has met hundreds of neighbors and remains actively involved in many weekly community activities. She hopes to see the group expand to include a singles group for older members as the community’s needs grow. Penny’s commitment to building a vibrant, supportive community in Travisso is evident in her leadership and active participation, making Travisso not just a place to live but a place to thrive.

Young@Heart Event Photos

Pam Y.

Pam and her husband, originally from heavily forested Oregon, moved to Travisso after retiring to be closer to family and friends in Texas. They toured all of Austin but couldn’t find a neighborhood that resonated with them until their realtor suggested Travisso, thinking the Texas Hill Country might appeal to them. 

“Upon entering the parkway, I immediately resonated with the spacious grand entrance, then was quickly surprised by the expansive views as we drove further down the parkway. I immediately sensed this wasn’t just another subdivision neighborhood. It was a very unique community that monopolized on living within the beautiful rolling hills of the Texas Hill Country.”

They bought a Taylor Morrison home designed to accommodate visits from their children and grandchildren, and it remains their current home. Since moving in, Pam has seen Travisso continue to grow with new residential sections and developments, including modifying tennis courts for pickleball and the current construction of a second amenity center with a pool, pond, yoga room, and a flex court for basketball, pickleball, and bocce ball.

One memorable event for Pam was hosting a Louisiana Cajun Feast with the Young@Heart Social Group, where they introduced Cajun cuisine, played corn hole games, and held a “Pinch, Peel, Eat, Repeat” crawfish eating contest. The evening was filled with fun, food, and community spirit.

“Travisso has undeniably enriched our lives because we socialize frequently, utilize the recreational facilities for fitness and fun, attend many monthly HOA events, watch the beautiful sunsets daily, and enjoy the quiet peacefulness at night while stargazing because light pollution is minimal.”

Pam describes Travisso’s culture as friendly and very social, with numerous opportunities to make new friends through events and amenities. She has been a lifelong volunteer leader in various professional associations. Currently, she serves as a Leander Active Adult Community Center member, a volunteer with the Young@Heart group, and the new Chairman of Travisso’s Firewise Committee.

“You will love it here because Travisso isn’t just another subdivision neighborhood. Travisso provides numerous opportunities to live life joyfully in a beautiful setting, with diverse cultures and activities for all age groups. Fun awaits for everyone living here."

Call All Travisso Residents!

 In honor of our 10th Anniversary, we’re celebrating you and the wonderful community we’ve built together.  To show our appreciation, keep an eye on our social media channels on May 29th and June 5th for exciting giveaways! Participants have the chance to win a $50 gift card! Winners will be chosen at random and can pick up their prize at Travisso’s 10th Birthday Celebration. 

As we raise our glasses to toast a decade of luxury and community, we invite you to join us in celebrating everything that makes Travisso truly special. Come discover why so many have chosen to call Travisso home and experience for yourself the magic of life in one of Texas’ best-kept secrets. Here’s to another ten years of memories, laughter, and cherished moments—you belong at Travisso. Cheers to a decade of luxury and many more years living and growing in the heart of Texas Hill Country. 

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