Jun 25, 2019

Tips to Creating the Perfect Craft Room

Dreaming of the perfect craft room? For passionate crafters having a designated space to hone a hobby, a special skill, or craft is a small slice of heaven. The ultimate craft room should be a place that helps you cultivate your creativity and express yourself artistically. It also needs to be functional, comfortable, and free of clutter to allow creative juices to flow. Finding the right space in your home and transforming it into your happy place is exciting. But before you begin there are several things to consider. We’ve gathered a list of tips and ideas to inspire you to create your ideal craft room.

Choosing a designated space in your home

How you plan to use the space will determine the area in your home that will accommodate your needs. Do you sew, design jewelry, scrapbook, knit, paint, or draw? Will the space do double duty as an office or guest room? Will you need extra space for kids to craft? Do you need to spread out or can you contain your workspace to a corner in the room? Will you need an entire extra bedroom or just a portion of it? Do you have space in a basement or laundry room? To design a functional workspace consider these important tips.

  • Will you need more than one outlet for a computer, a die cutting machine, or a sewing machine? Identify the placement and the number of outlets in the space you are considering. Knowing where the outlets are will determine where to place your active workspaces. If your outlets fall short you may have to add one or two. Adapters work well too.
  • Does the space in your home have access to natural lighting? Functionally you will want a well-lighted area. Don’t limit your options. Choose from LED lighting, ceiling track lighting, or hanging pendant lights. Under-cabinet lighting and desk lamps are ideal for detailed handicraft work such as designing jewelry and sewing.
  • Consider the type of flooring when choosing your space. You’ll want to select a flooring option that is easy to clean. Wood and tile are great for quick and easy clean up. If you are considering a basement option, remember it can be cold and hard on your feet if you are standing for a long period of time. However, carpeting can be a challenge for those that paint, sew, or design jewelry. Pins, needles, and jewelry eyes and hooks get lost easily. For those that paint a drop cloth may be needed to protect carpeted areas.

Selecting the right furniture

From tables and desks to chairs, bookcases and multi-purpose organizational units there’s no shortage of great design pieces. When choosing furniture remember storage is key to keeping your space neat and tidy. Below are some furniture options to consider.

  • The best workspaces are those that have plenty of room for spreading out. Therefore, the foundation of any craft room is a sturdy table. Ditch the card table. Instead, invest in a free-standing wooden or metal table that will resist movement and create a focal point. Built-in tables are also an option. An Island with multiple storage and shelves works great too.
  • Include a desk if you are creating a multifunctional workspace. Those with a hutch provide multiple storage opportunities and a great way to organize all the small essentials. Another option is to choose an adjustable desk that allows you to stand and sit. A corner or L-shaped desk is the perfect solution for those with limited space or in an apartment situation. Complete the look with a coordinating file cabinet or two.
  • Finding the perfect chair depends on whether you prefer to stand or sit when you create. Do you need a traditional desk chair, one with wheels, or a stool?
  • Bookcases whether free-standing, tall or short, cubed or shelved provide a means for multiple ways to organize. Depending on your space consider adding one, two, or three units. They come in a variety of colors, sizes, and materials.
  • Multi-purpose storage units are the mainstay of any craft room. They come in all shapes and sizes, with drawers and shelves, with cubes and without cubes, with glass and without glass, and with desks and without desks. They also hold everything including baskets, file and pretty photo boxes, photo frames, and books.
  • Add a gift wrapping station if you need a place for wrapping paper, ribbons and bows, bags and more. These multipurpose units with dowels, drawers, and shelves can be purchased online. For a great DIY project you can also make your own.

Crafting success—organization is key

Having your craft materials at your fingertips is key to success. Try these foolproof tips for putting everything in its place.

  • Use fabric cubes or baskets to store yarn and knitting needles, paints, aprons, paper and fabric scraps, rubber stamps, card making supplies and more. Color coordinate them to match your décor. On the flip side plastic bins with covers work well too. Add a label identifying the contents for easy access.
  • Purchase clear glass spice or cookie jars to show off colorful buttons, pretty ribbons, beads, washi tape, and colored paper clips.
  • Eliminate searching for markers, pencils, and pens by organizing them by color in clear glass jars or pencil holders.
  • Purchase a tray. For easy access put it on your desk or workspace table. Then accessorize it with your most used supplies like scissors, your favorite coffee cup, business cards, paper clips, tape, glue, and a stapler.
  • Use cloth file boxes to hold magazines and cardstock paper.
  • Bulletin boards hold sticky notes, important reminders, inspirational notes, and family photos.
  • Plastic silverware organizers are great for storing odds and ends, small jewelry pieces, paper crafting stickers, and threads, pins, and bobbins. Keep it tidy by tucking them into a drawer.
  • Designate a space on your shelf, basket, or bin for current projects. This way you can pick up where you left off quickly.

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