Oct 30, 2018

Three new home options: How to know what’s right for you

With all the new home options in the market place today how do you know what’s right for you? If you have never purchased a home before there are really two options. Option one is that you can decide to buy a resale home. And, the second option is that you can purchase a new construction home. A resale home has been previously lived in. Whereas, to the contrary, a new construction home has not. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. The plus side of purchasing a resale home is that a lot of the initial work such as painting, exterior landscaping, and home improvements may already be complete. But, the flip side is that resale homes may have worn appliances, outdated interiors, limited landscaping, or an expired home warranty.

When it comes to building a home from the ground up one of the biggest advantages is that everything in the home is new. From appliance warranties to tile to carpet to windows and paint–it’s new. Another plus is that homes on today’s market are much more energy efficient than they were 10 years ago. As a result, if you purchase a new construction home you would reap the benefits of lower energy costs. But, there’s also disadvantages. Decorating can be costly and it’s not uncommon to experience periods of construction delays. If you are considering a new construction home there are three common options. So, to help you out with your final decistion, we summarized all three options and defined them below.

New home option #1: Purchase an inventory home

Are you looking for a stress free way to get the home of your dreams now? Did you need to move in today? Do you want to forgo the building process? If you answered “yes” to all of those questions, purchasing an inventory home may just be the right choice for you. An inventory home, or more commonly known as a “spec” home in the industry, is a new home that is either currently under construction or already finished. The term means speculative home for sale. A builder typically builds a home on property that he owns without a predetermined homebuyer. In many cases the homebuyer does not choose color schemes or fixtures in the home. However, timing is everything, and depending on where the builder is in the process, you may be able to select your finishing touches. For a current list of available Travisso inventory homes click here.

New home option #2: Check out a model home for sale

Did you know that you can purchase a builder’s model home? Model homes are also built in communities to showcase the builder’s best work. And, they spare no expense when constructing them. These gorgeous beauties are filled to the brim with superior upgrades, are professionally decorated, and the cornerstone of new construction communities. The primary reason a model home goes on the market is because all of the inventory in the community is sold. Since the builder is moving on, most probably to another community, the model is usually reconfigured and placed on the market. There are two great advantages to buying the model. One, is that the house is complete. Which means you can see the house “as is.” There’s no envisioning what it will look like. And, two, since the house is move-in ready, you won’t have to wait long before your moving truck can pull in the driveway.

New Home Option #3: Build a new construction home

There are two types of new construction homes: semi-custom and custom. When purchasing a semi-custom home buyers are able to choose both the lot and its location in the development. The builder usually owns the property. The biggest advantage is that buyers are able to select a home from a multitude of available models and floor plans provided by the builder. And, there’s also a multitude of options to choose from making customizing easier than ever. The second type of new construction home is a custom home. If you are building a custom home, as the home buyer, you have control of everything including the lot size and its location, the exterior and interior aesthetics, and the floor plan. And, as far as the options go, the sky’s the limit.

At Travisso we have all three new home options waiting just for you!

Travisso is a place to explore; a place to relax; a place to call home. We offer homebuyers over-the-top amenities, fabulous home designs, natural beauty, premier custom builders and a 30-minute drive to downtown Austin. Oh, but, there’s so much more such as rolling hills and spectacular views of the Texas Hill Country. 

Visit us today to see our new construction homes, readily available inventory homes, or our builder model homes currently for sale. The best thing is that you can check out all three housing options all in one community. For additional details call our Information Center at 512-243-8583.

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