Apr 16, 2024

10 Things to Love About Travisso

In the heart of Texas Hill Country lies a community that redefines luxury living – Travisso. As we celebrate the 10th anniversary of our master-planned community in Leander, TX, we’re excited to share the ten reasons that make Travisso not just a place to live but a community to thrive in.

1. A Packed Event Calendar

Under the expert guidance of our Lifestyle Director, Adrian Hernandez, Travisso boasts an events calendar that’s as diverse as our community. Adrian crafts a diverse array of events that cater to every age and interest. Whether you’re looking to engage in a spirited fitness class, enrich your mind with educational opportunities, celebrate holidays with neighbors, or unwind with live music and entertainment, Adrian’s innovative approach ensures there’s always something exciting on the horizon. At Travisso, we don’t just create events; we create memories.

Call All Travisso Residents!

 In honor of our 10th Anniversary, we’re celebrating you and the wonderful community we’ve built together.  To show our appreciation, keep an eye on our social media channels on May 29th and June 5th for exciting giveaways! Participants have the chance to win a $50 gift card! Winners will be chosen at random and can pick up their prize at Travisso’s 10th Birthday Celebration. 

2. A Vibrant Community Spirit

Travisso is more than a collection of homes; it’s a community where friendships and connections bloom. The vibrant social scene, fostered by a wide array of clubs, groups, and events, ensures that residents find kindred spirits and lifelong friends. The spirit of camaraderie and community involvement is a testament to the inclusive and welcoming nature of Travisso.

3. Unmatched Amenities

Our award-winning amenity center is the heart of Travisso, offering over 9,200 square feet of indoor and outdoor recreational spaces. The Mediterranean-style clubhouse, state-of-the-art fitness center, and resort-style pool are just the beginning. With hiking and biking trails weaving through the community, every day is an opportunity for adventure. And with more unique amenities on the horizon, the experience of living here only gets better.

With new lots becoming available, more amenities are in the works. A second amenity center, recreational pond, and neighborhood parks are coming soon! This leaves plenty of opportunities for new residents.

4. Breathtaking First Impressions

From the first drive-through of Travisso’s entry, visitors are met with an overwhelming sense of ‘wow.’ The rolling Texas hill country, expansive skies, and carefully curated landscapes are more than just views; they’re an invitation into a world where beauty and serenity meet. This immediate connection to the land sets the tone for a living experience that’s both grand and intimate.

5. Walkability and Outdoor Space

Imagine stepping out of your door into a world where nature trails, parks, and community centers are just a stroll or bike ride away. Travisso offers unparalleled access to the Texas Hill Country’s natural beauty, ensuring the great outdoors is always in reach. Whether it’s a leisurely walk to the amenity center, a bike ride, or short drive to the adjoining Balcones Canyonlands or Lake Travis, Travisso brings the beauty of the Texas Hill Country right to your doorstep. Several trails connect to Travisso and are easily accessible throughout the neighborhood.

6. Exquisite Homes and Gardens

Every home in Travisso is a testament to beauty and craftsmanship, thanks to our diligent HOA and award-winning builders. With a wide array of customization options, from floor plans to fixtures, residents have the freedom to create their dream homes within a community that values beauty and harmony. Living here is as worry-free as it is luxurious.

7. Mature Natural Beauty

With ten years of growth, Travisso’s landscape has matured into a verdant paradise, complete with mature trees and lush green spaces. The presence of mature trees and well-maintained green spaces makes it a verdant oasis, reflecting a commitment to environmental beauty and sustainability. With plans for a regional park and further green initiatives, Travisso remains a beacon of natural beauty and responsible development. The development is thoughtfully planned, with more green projects on the way, ensuring the community’s beauty only deepens with time.

8. Safety and Peace of Mind

In Travisso, safety and sustainability go hand in hand. As a Firewise community, proactive steps are taken to minimize fire risks, reflecting our commitment to the well-being of our residents and the preservation of our natural surroundings. The addition of Leander Fire Station No. 5 within the community enhances safety and embodies Travisso’s dedication to creating a secure and resilient community.

Fire Station at Travisso

9. Close Proximity to Austin Metro

Travisso’s unique location offers an unparalleled lifestyle that merges the tranquility of hill country living with the vibrancy of city life. Just minutes away from Austin, residents enjoy easy access to a world of culture, entertainment, and employment opportunities without sacrificing the peace and beauty of their Hill Country home. The Domain, Cedar Park, and Austin are just a short drive away. This blend of convenience and serenity makes Travisso a coveted destination for those seeking the best of both worlds.

Austin Skyline

10. Exceptional HOA Leadership

David Allen, our Community Manager, plays a pivotal role in ensuring that Travisso remains a pinnacle of master-planned living. His dedication to fostering a solid homeowner network and facilitating seamless interactions between residents and the developer board ensures that the community’s standards of excellence are always upheld. With David at the helm, Travisso continues to evolve as a premier destination for those seeking an unmatched living experience.

Celebrating a decade of excellence, Travisso is a testament to luxury living, community spirit, and the beauty of the Texas Hill Country. Here, every day is an invitation to live life to the fullest. Welcome to Travisso – where you’re not just buying a home, you’re becoming part of a legacy. 

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