Apr 9, 2020

12 Trending Decorating Styles Defined

From Bohemian to Modern Farmhouse to Scandinavian to Mid-century Modern, to name a few, these in vogue decorating styles are all the rage in today’s modern homes. If you often wonder what the difference is between these popular styles, so were we. Familiarizing yourself with interior design styles before you take on a major decorating project is the best way to find both inspiration and your own personal style. Taking an online style quiz is another.

With each one having its own set of guidelines and characteristics that defines it, we decided to break down today’s trendiest styles. For décor inspiration for your next home or room project consider these options.


This fun and quirky style influenced by the world around us is a stylish mix of carefree design where just about anything goes. Over-the-top colors and textures are embraced as well as mixed patterns, macramé wall hangings and rugs with a global influence. And, there’s nothing formal about it. Informal and unconventional, this style’s unruly nature can be traced back in time to nomads from the Czech Republic and Bohemia. Nail this style by layering textiles, artwork, accent pieces and accessories that tell your personal life story.


You don’t need to be beachside to bring a coastal influence into your home. The core of coastal décor is relaxation, fun and instilling calm into your happy space. The style’s mainstay decorating colors include whites, gold, natural tones, blue, and stripes. The ambiance is light and airy with an emphasis on natural materials. According to the popular home decorating website The Spruce, there are three types of coastal styles each with its own influences and distinction. In the U.S. however, American Coastal takes the top spot as the most popular. They break down the differences here.


The 70s decade can be attributed to the birth of contemporary interior design when it borrowed elements from other influential styles at the time like art deco, modern, and traditional. It is defined by clean lines and the “here” and “now” which means it is constantly evolving. Form and function working in unison are critical. And so are neutral colors. Blacks, whites, tans, and grays dominate the color palette. The use of natural light and layered lighting throughout a space makes this style shine. Learn how you can incorporate contemporary style into your home.


Currently in the limelight, grandmillennial combines nostalgia with the yearning for history and traditional style into a unique look that doesn’t come off as dated. Also known as granny chic it beckons for floral fabrics, wicker furniture, vintage pieces, chintz, blue and white ceramics and time-honored pieces. But make no mistake grandmillennial is not about stuffiness and clutter. On the forefront of new interior design, its fresh more modern sense of style honors the past and celebrates the craftsmanship that once dominated in homes of our grandmothers. Grandmillennial is about storytelling, curated collections, and setting beautiful tables when friends and family come for dinner. Get the look.   

Mid-Century Modern

This timeless style with a throwback to the 50s emphasizes clean lines, geometric shapes and sleek furniture with tapered legs. And it’s more popular now than ever. Mid-Century Modern is defined by architecture, furniture and graphic design elements from 1933 to approximately 1965. This distinct no-fuss minimal style is functional, uncluttered, limits embellishments and applauds the exploration of different materials. The use of varying colors in Mid-Century Modern is a welcome sight. While color palettes run the gamut, neutrals, bolds and black and white color schemes are right at home.


There’s no fussiness here. The minimalism style is just as simple as it is streamlined. Ultra clean lines with a neutral color palette and functional pieces define its essence. The only reason you have a table in the room is because you need it. Understated decorations are simple, if any. Space, lighting and objects all have equal footing. When decorating in the minimalism style it’s important to have the less is more mindset.


As the name implies maximalism is the complete opposite of the minimalism style. It’s everything to the max in this decorating style that pays homage to big bold colors, curated collections and time-honored collectibles. Hoarding, however, is a no-no. The more the better attitude reigns but clutter does not. In other words, orderly clutter is celebrated as are accessories that tell stories. Explore the look.

Modern Farmhouse

Sizzling hot modern farmhouse design screams come on in, hang up your hat, and stay awhile. It’s comfortable, simple, rustic and practical all at the same time. When you enter a home designed in Modern Farmhouse you feel right at home. Mix and match furniture, industrial accents and a neutral décor disregard the notion that the look tends to be dated. Remember, if you’re looking for modern flair incorporate shiplap, exposed wood beams, butcher block, apron sinks and wicker into your design.

Modern Glam

Bring on the sparkle and shine with metallic accent mirrors; mirrored coffee and sofa tables, dressers, headboards and more. Dating back to the era of old Hollywood, this style blends plush fabrics, crystal lighting fixtures, metallic sheen and lots of bling and reflective surfaces to create unique spaces. Choose a color palette in whites, grays, creams, pastels, blushes, black and jewel tones. Make your room Oscar worthy by incorporating fur, bold patterns, glass, acrylic and sequins. Is glam the right style for you? Find out here.


While most people equate Scandinavian design with the Swedish big box retailer Ikea it’s really so much more. By today’s numbers it’s one of the most popular design styles in the world. Simple, minimal and functional describes Scandinavian design. Like many of the other design styles on this page, Scandinavian design shares some of the same elements. They include clean lines, uncluttered spaces, simple accents, and natural lighting. White walls, warm wood tones and muted colors, too. In bedrooms the focus is on coziness. Layered bedding and textures reign. Get the look.


If you’re the type of person that likes to have a place for everything and everything in its place then traditional may be just the right ticket for you. Popular traditional styles include British Colonial revival, 18th century English, 19th century neoclassical and French country. Dark woods, rich jewel tones and tailored draperies add distinction to a room. Damask fabrics and floral sofas command a presence. Known for its devotion to function, traditional styles radiate calm, orderly and predictability. And remember the first rule of thumb–everything comes in pairs. Learn more here.

Urban Industrial

Usually thought of as a design style for lofts, factories and craft breweries, urban industrial is warming its way into the hearts of both urban and rural dwellers everywhere. Its simplistic approach uses a combination of exposed brick walls, cement floors, raw unfinished materials and metals to create a sleek look. Reclaimed woods, salvaged items and vintage flea market finds provide both warmth and charm. The no frills color palette of gray, white, black and beige works to this style’s advantage. For those wanting to create the ultimate look layer with lots of weathered wood. Pinterest offers a ton of samples and inspiration.

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