Apr 1, 2020

Online Interior Design Services—Are they Right for You?

Contemplating on decorating or redecorating your home? While you are sheltering in place it may be time to take another look at your home décor. Whether you are doing a refresh, starting from scratch, or doing a complete redo, now may be the ideal time to decorate. If lack of time, expense, or the knack to get it done has put your decorating project on the back burner, it’s time to rethink it. With the right online interior design service it’s easier than ever to get a custom look for your dream home. And be able to create a look all your own.

Online interior design services help take the guesswork out of choosing the right sofa, matching paint colors, selecting area rugs and accessorizing. They are treasures troves of inspiration and have access to brands that can instantly transform a home from super to duper. Plus, they make sense. You can get a budget-friendly custom look for a couple of hundred dollars or even less. Compare that to an in-house interior designer with a hefty price tag of a thousand dollars or more.

But is an online interior design service right for you? There are definitely a slew of companies out there offering varying services and price points. But for the most part, they all have basic components. Before you make an initial investment, here are a few things to know about how these services work before you take the plunge.

You work with a designer

With all online interior design services you work with a designer. The difference between services is how the designer is selected. Some services assign you a designer based on a design style survey that you fill out and complete. Other services allow you to go through photos of a designer’s previous work and choose one that fits your particular style. Still, there is another option. Higher end companies offer both in-house and online design services.

You’ll Need to Submit a Room Profile

The design style survey is a snapshot of your individual decorating tastes and a great way for the designer to get a sense of your personal style. Submitting a room profile is your opportunity to tell the designer what you want to do in the room. Are you painting? Do you need furniture? What kind of furniture? Do you need accessories, lamps and artwork? And what about the color scheme in your room? How many rooms are you decorating? Most likely you will need to submit a photo of the space you are decorating and its dimensions.

Receive Recommendations, Ideas, and Layouts

Based on your input and design style survey the designer will provide ideas on style and recommendations for your room. However, the number of ideas and concepts you receive depends on the pricing option you choose. Most companies offer several packages with prices ranging from $59 to about $299 per room. For example, Modsy.com has a classic package for $89. It includes a “rising star” designer, email communication, two draft designs and two rounds of updates. They also offer two other packages that provide more services for the upgrade in price.

How to Shop Your New Look

It can’t get much easier than this. Once you’ve chosen a design you can choose to buy the entire look or just those items you can’t live without. And the best part is that the online service you chose will coordinate it all for you including ordering, shipping, and giving you the best price on top name brands.

Free Design Services

While online services are effortless don’t overlook a few well-known brands that do a great job for free. At West Elm and Pottery Barn you can book a free consultation either by going to one of their storefronts, calling, or emailing a request online. They will even come to your home. Crate and Barrel is another popular brand that allows you to ask a design question for free. Their Virtual Design Studio lets you choose to connect with a designer via email, chat, or by virtual home visits. Just tell them your problem and they’ll have a solution.

Skittish when it comes to selecting artwork for your home? Try Minted.com. This online marketplace for creative, independent artists and designers offers free art styling consultations. The process is simple. Just take a photo of your space and walls and provide them with the dimensions. Before you know it a designer will send a text and ask you a few questions about your individual preferences and style. Art selections are based on your answers. There’s no obligation to buy.

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