Feb 18, 2020

8 Kitchen Trends Heating Up for 2020

Even in ancient times a kitchen was a place for gathering. Most often it was a place that provided warmth, safety, light and of course, food. As the cornerstone of family gatherings, kitchens throughout their long history have come a long way. From their humble beginning, most starting out as free-standing open fires, to simply constructed stone structures, to now, a glamorous room in our homes.

We’ve known for some time now that kitchens aren’t just for cooking. They are warm, inviting places in our homes where we entertain and make guests feel welcome. With all the modern conveniences in today’s kitchens it’s hard to imagine how we could have survived without them. Sleek designs, beautiful appliances, colorful hues, wood flooring and trendy lighting options elegantly grace the interiors of today’s kitchens.

Whether you’re designing a kitchen from the bottom up, or doing a refresh, it’s all about personalization. And mixing and matching trends to put your own stamp on it. When choosing materials, colors, finishes and design layouts here’s what leading designers are saying is red hot in 2020.

Artful Backsplashes

The kitchen backsplash is the perfect place to go big, bold and beautiful. The choices are endless. Though this year subway tile seems to have been derailed by design experts, there are other trends that are rising to the forefront. Ceiling-height backsplashes is one of them. For example a ceiling-height brick backsplash with dark countertops adds a touch of natural warmth. Also trending are bold backsplashes with lots of color and patterns. For a true showstopper try a marble slab backsplash. Instead of many tiles, the slab is just that—one piece. They come in a multitude of color options and graphic flair for adding just the right amount of artistry and drama. For a warm and cozy rustic feel try a stone backsplash.

Bursts of Color

Whether your favorite color is sea blue, Kelly green, or coral find fun ways to incorporate them into your design. Using bursts of color in unusual places creates both excitement and interest. Experts suggest a colorful appliance or range hood for some extra playfulness. Painting a wall or open shelving in your favorite accent color also works. Pretty accent pieces such as decorative dishes, vases and candlesticks add another dimension to the look. But be sure to not overdo—it’s the element of surprise that will have everyone talking.

Colorful Cabinetry

White cabinetry will most likely reign as the king for some time but colorful options are giving the white cabinet trend a run for its money in 2020. Navy blue, always a classic, adds just the right amount of drama. And while it’s still considered a neutral, it pairs well with a variety of colors, textures, and styles. Another color trend for this year is the color green. And it’s not just eco-friendly appliances and lighting we’re talking about. Kitchens are going green in 2020 primarily for its back to nature feel. Whether you choose to use vibrant, muted, or a mix of both, shades of green won’t disappoint.

Counter Intelligence

As the hub of the kitchen and most often having to do double duty as a breakfast nook, the kitchen island is the star of the show. So, it’s important to make it shine. Though one island has always been the norm, there is a trend for double islands. And why not have two islands? When it comes to dividing the areas for increased efficiency and work flow it’s ideal. You can use one for prepping and the other as a serving area. Dress up countertops with Carrara marble, engineered quartz, natural granite or dark natural wood.  

Lighting the Way

With so many decorative lighting options on the market today it’s difficult to narrow your choices down to one style. But with the “make it your own” mind set in home décor these days you don’t have to. Mix and match lighting is all the rage. A beaded chandelier can look just as swanky hanging in the same room with sconces or pendants. Lighting as a decorative statement in homes has been a mainstay for some time. It’s definitely time for the kitchen to shine. But decorating aside, knowing how your lighting is going to function in the kitchen is critical and takes careful planning. Most kitchens include three levels of lighting—ambient, task and accent. Read these tips to get the most out of your lighting options.

Integrated Appliances

Though kitchen appliances are a necessity, looking at stainless steel day after day can get a little tiresome. If you want your appliances to take a backseat in your kitchen then integrate them with creative paneling and built-ins that match your cabinets. Or, for a unique look use a burst of color. This brilliant design trend allows appliances to either stand alone as a chic statement piece or quietly remain in the background enclosed by gorgeous cabinetry.  

Metal Mania

Mixing and matching metals is in. For those that follow the everything has to match rule, this could be a challenge. But for those that can break away from rules it’s a godsend. Multiple finishes in one room adds both depth and personality. Whether you are mixing gold tones with chrome, or stainless steel there are some tricks and tips to follow.

Open Shelving

We’ve all heard the saying a place for everything and everything in its place. With open shelving it’s easier than ever to grab your favorite dinnerware or cooking utensils when you can see them in plain sight. It’s also the primary reason why homeowners are seeking more accessible options. Whether you choose open shelving or closed storage it’s definitely a preference. Some prefer not to have to worry about keeping their cabinets neat and tidy when everything is hiding behind closed doors.

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