Feb 20, 2020

Growing and Decorating with Succulents

If you love succulents as much as we do then you know that these awesome plants are a Central Texas mainstay because of their ability to go with the flow. Their natural beauty, geometric shapes and vibrant colors lend themselves to fit in seamlessly with a variety of decor styles such as traditional, contemporary and modern farmhouse. And whether you are a homeowner or apartment dweller they are the perfect addition for outdoor patios and gardens.

Because of their relentless growing patterns, succulent’s popularity continues to soar. For those whose thumbs are less than green succulents are a dream come true. They are low maintenance, require minimal watering and are drought-tolerant. And while the sweltering Texas summers can be less than kind, succulents can grow and thrive with little effort by its owner. The good news is that succulents offer something for everyone. For maximum results we uncovered some facts about succulents including those that will grow best in your Texas backyard.

Cacti vs. Succulents

If you are just now discovering these wonderful plants, the difference between cacti and succulents can be a little murky. Most often people use the words interchangeably. In fact, they are different but very close relatives. Cacti are a sub-group within the group of plants known as succulents. Succulents store water in their roots, stems, and leaves. Cacti are fleshy in appearance and store water. Can a succulent be a cactus? The answer is yes. As long as it has areoles—small, round, cushion-like masses of flesh. From the areoles the cactus is able to grow spines, hair, leaves, flowers and more.

Popular Succulents

For show-stopping results in your garden or home try these succulents.

Echeveria – It’s likely you have seen an echeveria plant or may already have one in your home. Their rose-shaped exteriors, exquisite colors and their ability to produce gorgeous flowers make them a very popular houseplant. With a no finicky attitude they are also super easy to grow inside. They’ll survive almost anywhere you put them. The requirements for echeveria hybrids will vary but they can grow successfully outdoors year-round in Central Texas.

Aeonium – Nicknamed the Tree Houseleek, aeoniums are widely known for their waxy, round rosette leaves that grow out of their stems. The stems can vary–short and stubby, or long and branched. The result is beautiful rosettes with leaves in solid colors or mixed with shades of white, yellow, red or green.

Paddle Plant – Taking cue from its thick, round and long paddled-shaped leaves, this succulent variety is also known as a flapjack paddle. With flat-rounded leaves and intense colors, paddle plants are perfectly at home in hot weather. They’re also a very suitable Austin area garden mainstay. However, they are slightly different than other succulents because during blooming time they require a little tender loving care.

Texas Prickly Pear – Officially designated the state plant of Texas in 1995, the prickly pear cactus is versatile and uniquely beautiful. Unlike other succulents, it is heavy-bodied and boasts a cylindrical trunk. Prickly pears grow erect and can stretch outwards as far as 3 ½ feet. Their joints are green to bluish green in color. This plant’s fruit, known as tuna, varies in shape and size and ripens from July to September. Tunas can be eaten raw. However, many people use the tunas to produce a variety of products such as preserves, jams, syrups and juices.

Decorating with Succulents

This versatile plant and its many varieties can virtually go anywhere in the home. From the bedroom to the living room, kitchen and bathroom here’s a few decorating ideas to get you started. But don’t stop there. They’re also perfect as centerpieces for wedding décor and special events. Below are a few ways to decorate with succulents that can produce big results. But, there are so many more ways.

  • Hang them from the ceiling in a planter.
  • Place several different varieties on your favorite book shelf, use as bookends, or do both.
  • Use as centerpieces on coffee tables, your dining table or on a kitchen island.
  • Place more than one on a fireplace mantle.
  • Make an arrangement with your favorite varieties.
  • Terrariums are the perfect home for succulents. Plus they come in a variety of chic geometric shapes and metal and wood finishes. They also make for the perfect Saturday afternoon DIY project.
  • Grow them in fun containers or in ordinary items such as vintage wooden boxes or rustic wheelbarrows found at a thrift store or flea market.

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