Jul 9, 2020

Backyard Camping Tips for the Ultimate Outdoor Adventure

When most of us think about camping we picture a campground, a place we’ve never been before, and tons of outdoor activities. However, with state and federal parks and private campgrounds limiting access this year due to Covid-19 reservations are hard to come by. If you are having a difficult time getting your camping fix this summer, no worries. A backyard camping excursion can be the perfect solution and a great way to keep the kids happy and busy.

Staycations are all about taking advantage of local attractions that seem to be right in our own backyard. With that said, it seems that no matter how close to home those attractions are finding time to appreciate them can be a challenge. Setting up a backyard camping trip is a great way to explore the confines of your own yard. This year make memories in your every own backyard with the ultimate outdoor camping adventure. Here are some great tips to help you out. Let’s go camping!

Check the Weather Forecast

Before you plan too far ahead it’s best to check the weather. And it’s also a great way to control the outcome of your trip. Fun is on the agenda, so rain in the immediate forecast can put a damper on activities. Sun in the forecast translates into a beautiful sunset. It also lends way for a clear nighttime sky. A famous lyric in the song “Deep in the Heart of Texas” tells us that the stars at night are big and bright in the Lone Star State. Budding astronomers will no doubt want to take advantage of a starry night. So be prepared. Equipping the kids with a few stargazing tools such as a telescope, binoculars and a sky map will help light the way. For best results you’ll also want to follow a few tips.  

Decide on the Sleeping Arrangements

For those that don’t have a tent Texas summer evenings make it possible to sleep under the stars. If you’re one that needs some shelter, an inexpensive pop up tent will do. Or, you can bring out the kids’ indoor teepee or make one. There are no sew varieties that may not stand the test of time but they’ll do for a night. Don’t forget to involve the kids. They’ll have a blast coming up with all sorts of fun ways to personalize it. And will want to help out when it comes time to pitch it.

Hang a Sign

Mark your territory with an official sign. There are several options. You can let the kids create a sign, buy a premade one, or customize it to include your family’s name. A custom made sign can become a permanent fixture in your yard and a constant reminder of a great family memory.

Keep Mealtime Simple

Here’s where the convenience of home plays a big role. Utilize your barbecue grill to keep things uncomplicated. Burgers and hot dogs are campfire mainstays. And with campfire queso and a big bowl of nacho chips on the side kids will eat it up. For those that want variety here’s a list of easy to make and assemble camping recipes. Some may require an outdoor fire but most can be adapted to a grill. Also, since your fridge is just a few feet away a cooler probably isn’t necessary. Well, unless you want to store beverages in it for convenience. The next day satisfy hungry campers with a breakfast filled with delicious campfire favorites.

Make a Fire

Make no mistake a campfire is mandatory. Hanging out in front of a fire, singing, and telling stories are camping must-dos. And so is roasting marshmallows. Whether you make your own outdoor fire pit or already have a premade one in the yard, when the sun goes down it’s time for s’mores. This delectable chocolate dessert needs no introduction. For decades campers have charred marshmallows and sandwiched them between golden graham crackers and chocolate. Plus, with every good thing comes variation. Today, there are a multitude of delicious desserts you can make with this stand-the-test-of-time combination.

Create a List of Activities and Games

Even though you may not do them all, having a game plan works best. After dinner and before the sun sets is the ideal time to use the remaining daylight for a neighborhood hike. The master-planned community of Travisso has 10 miles of planned trails perfect for hiking. For the ultimate outdoor adventure make the hike a scavenger hunt. Design it so that it’s both fun and educational. We guarantee the kids will have a blast. Flashlight tag, Ghost in the Graveyard and Glow-in-the-dark Ring Toss are fantastic nighttime games the entire family will enjoy playing together. Click here for a list of additional games and activities.

The Comforts of Home are Steps Away

In other words, there’s no need to have everything right at your disposal. Make your backyard camping experience stress free by bringing out only the essentials. If you forget something it’s easily accessible in the house. Just make sure the kids aren’t over utilizing the back door. Remember, it’s all about enjoying the great outdoors.

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