Jul 14, 2020

Lifestyle Choices that can Affect Your Next Home Purchase

Everyone has a vision of their perfect home. If it’s your first home purchase it’s hard to imagine all the choices to consider. When buying a new home the first thing you need to know is that you are also buying into a lifestyle. There’s no doubt that personal preferences vary. And it’s those personal attitudes, needs, wants and beliefs that come into play during the home buying process. Before you take the plunge into home ownership, it’s wise to examine your lifestyle. It will not only help to simplify the decision-making process but also help to narrow down the choices too.

Where to start? We’ll be honest. There are a multitude of things to consider. Location, the neighborhood, house style and the school district are just a few considerations. There are many more. To sort it all out we’ve come up with a brief guide to some of the most important questions to ask. We’ve also provided some great tips too.

Identify your Must-Haves

Making a list of those things you aren’t willing to live without. Whether it’s a home in the suburbs with a master-suite closet as big as your current bedroom, or a three car garage make sure it’s inclusive. Then, prioritize the wish list. Remember, the list is a guide. You may have to compromise down the road. But at least you’ll have something to work from. 

Location, Location, Location

Real estate is all about finding the right location. Are you looking to shorten your morning commute time? Do you like being close to shopping, dining, sports arenas, music venues and healthcare facilities? Is green space important? Do you favor an urban lifestyle or the peaceful respite of suburban life and Hill Country views? Are there neighborhood schools that are within walking distance? The answers to these questions can help you determine those neighborhoods and areas that you want to explore more in-depth.

Plan for Growth

Though you may not have children and in-laws living with you now, it’s important to plan ahead for any future lifestyle changes that may come along. A larger home with more space may not seem practical at the moment but it does have big advantages. Saving on moving costs and fewer headaches are two of them. Or, if a permanent home office seems to be in your future having more space will help to ensure a smoother transition.

Review the School District

It’s a fact that the school district you reside in affects resale values. As a result, many homebuyers choose where to live based on the quality and performance of the school district. Competitive school districts with above average test scores and high graduation rates are often sought out. Before you move it is essential to learn about the school district that you plan to reside in. Visit the district’s website to get an idea of where it stands on student learning. You can get an overview by reviewing their budget, curriculum, and extra-curricular activities. For a first-hand experience make an appointment to tour those schools your children will attend. To see where the district ranks in the state and country check the 2020 K-12 School & District Rankings published by Niche.com.

Tailor your House Style to your Lifestyle

From the Traditional Ranch to Modern Farmhouse to Contemporary and Modern today’s popular house styles are as varied as the homebuyers that purchase them. Each one comes with its own unique features that distinguish it from the others. In today’s subdivisions housing styles are usually predetermined by its builders. Most likely you’ll have several styles with varying floor plans from which to choose. Personal lifestyle and tastes will determine whether to buy a one-story residence or a two-story. For those that don’t like to climb stairs a one-story home fits the bill. However, if you’re the type that likes to have me time away from the family a two-story home does the job.

Examine your Activity Level and Socialization Habits

Whether you want to increase your fitness level or make new friends, the community in which you live is directly related to both your health and the pursuit of happiness. A major influencer to maintaining a healthy lifestyle is convenience. Easily accessible on-site amenities and outdoor trails for walking, running and cycling are an integral part of today’s master-planned communities. But there’s so much more. They include swimming pools, playgrounds, parks, tennis courts and basketball and volleyball courts and a plethora of clubs and organizations for the socially inclined.

Consider Hobbies

Do you like to garden, entertain or have a weekend car that you need to store? It’s imperative to consider how your hobbies will impact the size and features of your home. A large backyard may be necessary to accommodate plans to build a greenhouse, plant a garden, or install a pool. A home that includes a dining room, large kitchen, game room and a media room is ideal for entertaining. While a two-car garage is the norm, a three-car garage can come in handy to house another vehicle or be used for storage.

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