Dec 5, 2018

Why Winter is an Ideal Season for Buying a New Home

Many people overlook buying a new home during the winter season. However, here in Central Texas, and particularly in Austin, it may just be the ideal time of year. And, one major reason is because of the weather. Unlike other parts of the country, where frigid temperatures pretty much mandate a slow home selling season, in Texas that’s just not the case. In fact, the average temperature in Austin in December hovers around 63 degrees. There’s also no snow. It’s not too cold and it’s not too hot. And, the sun shines an average of 228 days a year. As a former northerner, that sounds like the perfect home buying weather to me.

It’s a fact that home sales dip during the winter. If you take out weather as being a factor, then the other reason that plays into the equation are school calendars. Homeowners like to be settled in at the beginning and ending of school calendars. But, weather and school calendars aside, buying a new home during winter can actually be less stressful and less challenging. After all, you can use the season to your advantage and reap some benefits that you might not have considered. So, instead of waiting until spring to buy your dream home, here’s some top reasons why you should contemplate a winter home purchase.

Winter inventory at Travisso is plentiful

Whether you like modern, contemporary, or traditional design, there’s a home in the master-planned community of Travisso waiting just for you. If you need to move within the next month or two an inventory home is the perfect solution. Travisso currently has one and two story move-in ready homes available in a multitude of floor plans, collections, and price ranges. Extraordinary features and stylish selections await. From open floor plans to luxurious master bedroom suites to great outdoor patio options Travisso offers homes for all lifestyles. The advantage of buying an inventory home is that there’s no guesswork. You can view the home as is. In most cases, the home is already complete. However, there may be some exceptions to that rule. It is possible to buy an inventory home that is not finished. Usually, the builder will list the home with an estimated completion date.

Less competition for new homes

Typically the spring season is considered the prime time to buy a new home. However, be prepared to not be the only one looking. The market is usually flooded with both sellers and buyers. And, that means competition for homes can be high. The Austin housing market definitely heats up during the spring and begins to slow in the fall. As mentioned above, and to bring the point home again, the number of people buying homes in winter drops significantly. Which means there are a lot less people looking. As a result, builders may have slightly less inventory but you’ll have less competition.

Sellers are hungry for sales

Since winter is typically the slowest selling season builders, brokers, and real estate agents are usually hungry for sales. As a result, they may be motivated to negotiate the selling price, closing costs, closing date, and terms of sale to seal the deal. In the long run, buying a home in winter can add up to some real savings. So, don’t be afraid to ask. And, be willing to negotiate to get the best price.

Real estate agents and brokers have more time

Working with a broker or real estate agent during winter is a great opportunity to take advantage of their “free” time. Realtors are willing to work harder to help you find your dream home when the market is slower. They also have more time to cater to your needs so you should have their undivided attention.

Prices tend to be higher in spring than in winter

According to an article published by Forbes, home prices are seasonal. They typically rise in the spring until the end of summer, then dip slightly in the fall. January closings provide the best discounts for homeowners. To snag a deal it’s best to get your home under contract around December. Again, remember, very few people buy a home in the winter. And, there are even fewer people buying a home during the holidays. As a result, homes listed before the holidays are usually still on the market during and after the Christmas season. Motivation to sell through the holiday season is high. The end result is that you may be able to save some money on the bottom line. And, there’s nothing wrong with having a little additional cash in your pocket during the holidays.

Our new model homes are now open

 Just in time for the winter selling season, Travisso’s premier builders are showcasing all the latest trends in home design and decor with new model homes. Features include unique open floor plans and contemporary and modern designs for all lifestyles. And, there’s so much more such as over-the-top amenities, only a 30-minute drive to downtown Austin, and spectacular views of the Texas Hill Country. Visit us today. For additional details call our Information Center at 512-243-8583.

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