Dec 3, 2018

Furniture Layout 101: Tips to Creating the Ideal Space

Arranging furniture is an important process in every room in your home. There are people in this world that love to arrange furniture, rearrange it, and then move it all again three months later. Needless to say, most people decide on a furniture layout for their room and usually don’t change it unless they move or buy new furniture. Therefore, if you are one of these people, it’s important to get it right. Well, especially, if you aren’t going to change it for a few years.

Arranging furniture is sort of an art form all itself. But, rest assured, you don’t have to be an interior designer, or an artist to master the perfect furniture layout for a room in your home. The ultimate goal of any furniture layout is to create an attractive and efficient room that your family and guests can enjoy without distractions. But, achieving the right mix depends on how you implement just a few simple tips and tricks. Here’s a quick guide to furniture layout 101 and how you can create the ideal space. And, just to give you a heads up, it’s really easy.

Measure, measure, measure

Before you begin it is imperative that you know the size of your room. If you just moved into a new construction home having your blueprints handy will save you a step. But, if not, your first step is to measure the room. Then, and I am sure you can guess the next step, measure your furniture. Measuring both the room and furniture helps to keep you from purchasing or including furniture that may be either too small or too large. It’s important to include furniture that is proportionate for your space. If you are moving from one home to another depending on the room size you may have to exclude an item or two. On the flip side, you may have to purchase additional items.

Avoid wall flowers

The primary function of walls in a home is to support roofs, floors, and ceilings. Not furniture. There’s definitely a tendency to want to put sofas, chairs, and desks against a wall. That’s because most of us feel the need to use every inch of our space. Contrary to popular belief, putting furniture against the wall doesn’t make the room seem any larger. What you want to create is a well-balanced, inviting, and intimate space. To achieve the ultimate result move furniture toward the center of the room. This rule works especially well in an open concept floor plan or a media room. But, in a bedroom this rule is for the most part an exception. Usually bedroom furniture such as beds, chests, and dressers work best when placed against walls. But, again it depends on your space. So, if you have a large bedroom give it a try.

Keep your windows visible

This rule is pretty simple. Furniture should be not placed in front of windows. Especially, if you have a great view. Why block those great sunrises and sunsets with furniture? Let the natural light shine in. You’ll be glad you did. However, if your room just doesn’t have options try to leave some space between the piece of furniture and the window.

How to add secondary lighting to your furniture layout

One of the most common mistakes homeowners make when creating a furniture layout is not including secondary lighting in the mix. Don’t rely solely on overhead lighting. Secondary lighting such as table and floor lamps strategically placed in a room eliminates harsh lighting and is great for adding ambience.

Choosing the right size area rug

Bringing it all together with an area rug adds cohesiveness. But, only if you have the right size. Buying the proper rug size is a common dilemma for most homeowners. Do you put all the legs of the furniture on the rug, or just the front two? Well, the answer to that depends on the size, shape, and orientation of your room. There is nothing that looks more out of place than a rug that is too small for the space. Or, a rug that is way too large. Again, it’s important to remember proportion. For room-by-room layouts and tips for selecting the right size rug check out this great guide. In addition, if you are including more than one area rug in a room make sure that they coordinate. To add a common thread select a color that is included in all of them.

Foot traffic flow is a must

When arranging furniture in your room you’ll want to consider how people will walk through it. And, how they will get to other spaces in your home. Accessibility is key. Making it easy for people to navigate through your home without tripping into things is an essential design element. Therefore, create a clear path by not placing furniture in the flow of traffic.

The balancing act

There really is such a thing as putting too much furniture in a room. Over styling usually happens when you can’t let go of a piece of furniture or artwork because it has sentimental value. The room should not looked cramped. To ensure your room is chic and sleek make sure you don’t stuff every piece of furniture that you own into one space. Knowing how to use balance is crucial when designing your room. It’s really ok to move pieces of furniture from one room to another. So, if you have a chair or a trunk that isn’t fitting in the family room try moving it to another room. The bedroom or media room may just be the perfect place.

Now, that you are armed with a few great furniture layout tips it’s also important to have a plan. When arranging the furniture in your home drawing it out first can save a lot of time. However, if you still need some help, there are free online programs and apps that you can expertly navigate with ease.

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