May 12, 2020

Create an at Home Coffee Bar for Sheltering-in-Place

Missing your favorite coffee bar while sheltering-in-place? As we get more comfortable working from home the coffee-obsessed most likely are yearning for that coffee shop experience of months past. While hot coffee in our cup is definitely the best part of waking up, we’re all now responsible to make our own before we reach our home office. With an at home coffee bar you can get the fragrant smell of a freshly brewed early-morning cup of Joe while still in your PJs.

Stylish, super chic and convenient, a coffee bar lends itself to do double duty. When stocked with all the right ingredients it can also be the ideal grab and go workweek breakfast mainstay for busy professionals and kids too. On the weekends fill it with blissful treats and enticing patio worthy coffee delights to welcome guests. Here’s seven tips to creating an at home coffee bar to perk up any space.

Identify the room in your home for your coffee bar

As you look for the best place to put your new coffee bar, every room in your home is fair game. First, decide how it will be used. If you’re using it as a grab and go breakfast bar make sure it is easily accessible for the entire family. However, if not, the best place may be the home office. For a more formal look a coffee bar in the dining room on top of a buffet can be stunning. Other options include a butler’s area in the kitchen or on top of a buffet. And if space is very limited a small corner nook on top of the kitchen countertop will also suffice.

Don’t limit your options

Once you identify the exact location for your coffee bar it’s time to create the ideal spot. While setting up shop on prime real estate on your kitchen countertop works great, there are other possibilities. You can get creative and make it truly unique. Open shelving units, an extra space in a cabinet, or a DIY painted bookcase can be delightfully attractive and inviting. A rolling kitchen cart, a farmhouse table or a flea market find recycled into a coffee bar adds character.

Purchase a quality coffee maker

Whether you like cold brew, a frothy latte, or creamy cappuccino it’s best to do some research first before you purchase a new coffeemaker. Remember, all coffeemakers are not created equal. Moreover, if your goal is to use it every day we recommend a machine that is fast, convenient, and user-friendly. If you find one that does all three you hit the trifecta.

Add a condiment tray or a coffee organizer

A well-stocked condiment tray should include creamers, sugar, cinnamon and delicious syrups like hazelnut, French vanilla and salted caramel to name a few. Green to go cups with lids and stirrers saves time and the environment.

Accessorize to personalize

A mug rack or mug tree is a coffee bar essential. It also helps to keep things neat and tidy. A small chalkboard with the daily menu written on it not only personalizes the space, it’s also awesomely cute. Metal café signs, coffee prints and graphics, baskets, plants, dishes and other décor add to the ambience.

Go beyond coffee

Add soothing tea options and user-friendly hot chocolate mixes in a variety of flavors for non-coffee drinkers. On holidays and special occasions transform your coffee bar to a hot chocolate bar. Stock it with velvety homemade hot chocolate varieties and condiments such as marshmallows, peppermint sticks, whipped cream toppings, and sprinkled candies. Cinnamon, grated chocolate, peanuts and caramel sauce make customization a breeze. There’s no doubt the sky’s the limit.  

Stock with every day eats and weekend treats

During the week a pedestal bowl brimming with fresh fruits such as apples, bananas and oranges is a no fuss approach to a fast and healthy breakfast. Or, for another option add a variety of packaged breakfast bars and biscotti to a large clear jar. On the weekend display muffins, cinnamon rolls, and donuts on a pretty cake pedestal.

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