May 14, 2020

Tips to Growing a Greener, Lush Texas Lawn

Are you dreaming of the perfect green Texas lawn? If the grass on the other side of the fence always seems to be greener, there may be reasons why. Whether you are a new homeowner or new to Texas, you’ll want your lawn to be the pride of the neighborhood. The road to a greener lawn doesn’t have to be a bumpy one if you follow a few simple tips and adhere to regular maintenance. Here’s a quick guide greener pastures ahead. Let’s start growing.

Know your Soil

While the Austin area is well-known for a lot of things including its vibrant music scene, unfortunately the area’s soil is not one of them. Unlocking the secret to a great lawn is as easy as starting with a soil test.  The results can provide a framework to help guide you in how to improve the soil and produce a green, lush lawn. Increasing the depth of the soil and composting are essential to success. The value of composting is unquestionable. Composting several times a year helps to build a solid structure that allows the soil to retain nutrients, water and air. Basically all the necessary essentials to help grass flourish and grow

Choose the Grass Type 

There are five common grasses that make up most neighborhoods in the Austin area. They are St. Augustine, Zoysia, Buffalo, Bermuda, and Ryegrass. Needless to say, they are not all created equal. The differences between them are their textures, drought tolerance, growing time, level of maintenance and cost. If the builder has already installed the grass, it’s important to know which one you have for proper care and maintenance. On the flip side, if the installation is up to you research is the best way to move forward.

St. Augustine is the most popular lawn grass in Austin and is also the fastest growing thanks to the temperate year-round climate. It’s hardy, shade-tolerant, has a thick appearance and is blue-green in color. However, the downside is that you’ll need to mow more often. While zoysia grass is beautiful, shade tolerant and can withstand heavy foot traffic, it can be expensive. The beauty of buffalo grass is its ability to tolerate a wide range of conditions. It also establishes with seed, sod or plugs. Plus, maintenance is minimal and mowing is occasional. A favorite among Austin homeowners for its gorgeous appearance and rugged nature, Bermuda grass also establishes fairly fast. For best results it’s best to plant it in the spring. For homeowners that want to maintain a green lawn throughout the winter, ryegrass is your best bet. Unlike the other popular grasses in Austin, ryegrass doesn’t like the heat. Its primary purpose is to provide quick color during the winter months. Moreover, don’t expect this cool-weather grass to last beyond one season.

Seeds, Sod and Plugs

The three common ways to start a lawn are by planting seeds, sodding, or using plugs. Deciding which one to use can be a matter of economics. Sodding is the most expensive. The cost will depend on the amount of ground you have to cover. Using seeds and plugs are less costly but the amount of time it takes to establish can be lengthy. The cost will also depend on the type of grass you choose. Additionally, not all of the common grasses grown in Austin can be established by all three methods. To learn more consult the Turfgrass Establishment for Texas guide published by the Texas A & M AgriLife Extension. It’s full of useful information that covers a wide range of topics and step-by-step directions for beginners to experts.

Lawn Maintenance and Fertilizing

The number of times you have to mow and fertilize your lawn will depend on the grass type. With any grass you choose there are trade-offs. So when deciding on the grass type you’ll need to factor in mowing time, cost of fertilizers and the amount of maintenance equipment you’ll need. To maintain your lawn you’ll need a collection of equipment such as a lawnmower, blower, trimmer and spreader. Remember, the key to a great lawn doesn’t happen overnight. But it doesn’t have to take up all your time either. By following a year-long Month-to-Month Garden & Lawn Care Checklist you’ll be the envy of every household in the neighborhood. And be able to reap the benefits all summer long.

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