Apr 22, 2020

9 Tips to Designing the Perfect Shelving Units

Shelving units and bookcases aren’t just for storage any more. These days open shelving units and bookcases add grace and charm to more than one room in our homes. From kitchens to offices to living rooms, bedrooms, craft and laundry rooms, open shelving in today’s homes have become an integral decorating focal point. And a curated collection of objects that tell our personal story. Plus they’re a great way for us to give people a glimpse of who we are. The objects and photos we place on our shelves tell people what we like, what we read, where we’ve been and our taste in art.

To keep your shelving units from becoming a mish mash of everyday objects, it’s best to design them with a purpose in mind. And with all the things you love and cherish. Getting the right mix of objects and knowing how to strategically place them to create interest is essential to the overall look. With a few clever tips we’ve uncovered through our research, you’ll be well on your way to styling the perfect shelving unit for any room in your home. Here’s how.

1. Keep colors consistent. Selecting a color palette will help pull things together. Choose one to three shades that coordinate with the colors that are already in your room. Then use them throughout the shelving unit for a visually cohesive harmonious design. Remember, it’s ok not to have everything match perfectly.

2. Display books and magazines. An array of vertically and horizontally placed books balanced among the shelves adds a degree of dimension and sophistication. To achieve the right look it’s not necessary to pack your shelves with every book or magazine you own. Instead, select your favorite titles. Books are also a perfect way to display other objects too. Just stack three to four books horizontally and place your favorite family photo on top, or a treasured accessory you can’t livie without. For avid readers and collectors that want to fill the shelf a little more abundantly, a unique set of bookends works perfectly.

3.  Add plants and greenery. Never under estimate the presence of plants on a shelf. The natural look and feel of plants and the color green illuminates a room. They also look super on shelves. For an immediate updated look display a combination of trendy succulents—faux or real both works equally well.

4. Layer, layer, layer. It’s what makes curated open shelving work so well. This basic decorating principle works well here as it does for most home projects. Mastering the art of layering is as simple as learning a few basic tips. Start with the larger objects first. Next you’ll want to layer in all medium-sized objects while working in small accent pieces last. Also, layer by grouping objects together and stacking them.

5. It is ok to break a few decorating rules. And here is one of them. While artwork is most often hung, when it comes to open shelving most experts agree that leaning both artwork and photos against the wall, or the backside of a bookcase is the way to go. Why, because the look comes off as trendy, chic, and super stylish. And it also draws your eye to the back of the shelf that makes it appear deeper and larger.

6. Not all shapes are created equal. So, mix it up. Round, square, rectangle, heart-shaped, tall, short and medium shapes, to name a few, in varying heights and depth works best. Remember, when styling it’s critical to vary the shapes in both the background and foreground of the shelf.

7.  Add an element of surprise. An unexpected, deliberate pop of color, photograph, or piece of artwork that doesn’t fit into the scheme helps to shake things up. Not only does it create a diversion it also adds excitement.

8. Use a variety of different textures. Balancing shelves with different textures adds depth. Try using baskets, organic materials such as coral pieces or shells, wooden carved bowls or candlesticks, sculptures and various metals.

9. Try, try, again. While there’s no so called “correct” way, most likely you’ll need a few rounds of trial and error. It does take time. But if you’re not in a hurry, taking a step back and assessing your efforts can reap different perspectives and big benefits.

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