Sep 14, 2020

Exploring Travisso: Fun Outdoor Nature Projects for Kids

Outdoor nature projects and kids go hand in hand. Kids love to explore the great outdoors. Trees, bugs, native plants, flowers, butterflies and dirt are just a few natural elements that can provide hours of exploration. For kids that are currently attending school remotely finding an outdoor science project is as easy as walking out the front door. Travisso is filled with open spaces, trails, rolling hills and a creek—the perfect outdoors environment.

A middle of the day outdoor science project is not only a great way to re-energize tired minds; it also gives kids the opportunity to expand their creative outlets. To give kids a break from the school work grind, we found a few great science activities and tips to help spur their imaginations. Whether they look up, down, or sideways there’s an entirely new world to explore when you’re outdoors. Let’s go nature hunting.

Be a Famous Explorer for the Day

Before you set out on your exploration have kids follow in the footsteps of a famous explorer. The choices of historic explorers are endless. From the sea to the air to discovering the tips of new worlds, brave men and women  throughout the centuries have made discoveries that have changed the course of history. Discover more about each explorer by doing some research. Then make it fun by having kids make their own DIY safari or forest ranger hat. The younger kids will love it. Older kids can help the younger ones.

Take to the Trail

The 10 miles of proposed Travisso trails is a perfect way to get around the community. But they also provide a treasure trove of natural elements, living things and wildlife that are waiting to be explored. Hike one of the trails on a sunny afternoon or cloudy day and see what you can uncover. Don’t forget to bring a net and a covered container with ventilation to carry home any newly found specimens. A make your own mini microscope makes things go from small to eye-popping. Here are five activities that will make kids glad you told them to go outside.

Make an Explorer’s Bandana

To complete this project use cotton sheets pretreated with Cyanotype which means they’re ready to sun-print right out of the box. Have kids collect an array of objects such as leaves, flowers, bugs and twigs while they walk the trail. Lay the objects on two fabric sheets to block out the light. The sun forms an impression of all objects. Sew the two sheets together to form a custom-made explorer’s bandana.

Go on a Bird Watching Hike

Once on the trail, you’ll most likely encounter numerous species of birds. Before you head out make a list of backyard birds you have been able to identify. But don’t forget to add some species to the list that the kids haven’t seen but most likely nest in the area.  Since there are 654 bird species in Texas, identifying them can be a daunting task. The free Merlin Bird ID app makes it easy. Kids can take and submit a photo, answer a few questions then get identification in just a few seconds. Have them record the number of birds seen, the name of the species and those they haven’t seen before. A build your own homemade bird feeder project will help keep kids connected and engaged.  

How High is that Tree?

If you’ve been asked this question and didn’t have an answer here’s a way for kids to do it themselves. Kids work in pairs to estimate the height of a tree in this easy STEM project. While on the trail point out five to six trees of varying heights and have them estimate each one’s height. After all, practice makes perfect.

Play Nature Bingo

This earth science project can be modified to accommodate grades K-5. The list of possible findings outdoors is endless. You can make your own age-appropriate bingo sheets or download a variety of printable ones online. Make this a weekly activity and watch their nature vocabulary grow.

Create a Nature Journal

There are just too many benefits to having kids keep a nature journal. It encourages creativity but it also helps them to develop math, science and writing skills. While out in nature kids will find amazing plants and wildlife that they’ll want to know more about. This will aid them in expanding both their writing and research skills too. Whether they write, paint, draw, or include a photo of their findings, a nature journal is a compilation of wonderful outdoor memories.

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