Sep 5, 2018

Fall Ya’ll is a Great Time to Buy a New Home in Leander

Fall is almost here. And, for many of us that means cooler temperatures, shorter days, and fall festivals.  However, it can also be the perfect time to buy a new home. Typically, the home market selling season begins in mid-spring. It’s usually official when you see “for sale” signs sprouting up all over your neighborhood and on the side of highways. But, when it really heats up is right before Memorial Day weekend and runs through August. Which means by the middle of August those families with kids have already bought their homes and are settled in.

So, when is the right time of year to buy a new home? The most frequent response to that question is spring or before school starts. Though, with so many variables involved in buying a new home, no one can answer that question more honestly than you. Seasons aside, the right time to buy a new home is when you are in your comfort zone.

However, these days when it comes to the housing market in Leander, or anywhere else, the fall season just may be the new spring. There’s a multitude of reasons and advantages to buying a home in the fall. After all, it’s a great time of year. Here’s our top reasons why you should consider a fall home purchase in Leander today.

Fall inventory at Travisso is plentiful

Whether you like a modern, contemporary, or traditional design there’s a home in the master-planned community of Travisso waiting just for you. Choose from a variety of currently available one and two story move-in ready homes in a multitude of floor plans, collections, and price ranges. Extraordinary features and stylish selections await. From open floor plans to kitchen/family room combos to luxurious master bedroom suites, Travisso offers endless choices and possibilities. Homes range in size from 2,000 to over 4,000 square-feet. And, Travisso is conveniently located just 30 minutes from downtown Austin in the progressive city of Leander and offers a wide range shopping, entertainment, and dining options.

Less competition for new homes

Since the spring season is flooded with both sellers and buyers, competition is stiff. But in the fall, the competition for new homes decrease because there are less people looking. In fact, the number of buyers drops significantly. And, the primary reason is because school is in session. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t as much inventory. Fall home inventory is most often comprised of both new listings and listings that didn’t selling during the spring. So, there’s still plenty of homes for sale. Finding the perfect one may also be easier. With less people looking real estate agents, inspectors, and mortgage lenders have more time to focus their attention on you.

The weather is cooler in the fall

House hunting in the fall when the weather is cooler is a much better experience than touring homes in the summer. After all, the weather report in Texas doesn’t change much in the summer. They are long and hot. Looking for a new home is no easy task but when it’s in the middle of summer it becomes more difficult. However, looking for a new home with a latte in in your hand is a much better experience than sweat dripping for your brow. And, just a quick reminder, depending on when you close you’ll probably also have to move in the summer. It definitely is something to consider.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner

Who doesn’t want to entertain their guests in a brand new home for the holidays? Letting sellers know that you can close before Thanksgiving or Christmas can reap significant savings. In other words, buying a home when other people are busy doing other things puts you in the perfect position to negotiate. So, don’t forget to make an offer that will benefit your bottom line and one they can’t refuse. Also, it is advisable to do some research. If you have your heart set on a particular home check to see the number of days it has been on the market. The more days the home is on the market the bigger bargaining chip you may have.

You can take advantage of tax breaks

This applies to first-time homebuyers. For example, if you are closing on your home in December, you can take advantage of both property tax and mortgage interest deductions for an entire year’s worth of income. In addition, payments made prior to the closing of the loan are tax-deductible.

Fall is a great time to save on landscaping and interior home merchandise

Statistical data shows that October may be the best month to save money on a new home. Since many home improvement stores are packing up their outdoor merchandise to make room for Christmas decorations you may find great deals on landscaping materials, products and lawn maintenance equipment such as lawnmowers, edgers, and blowers. Such is also the case when it comes to the interior. You may find deals on paint, carpeting, and appliances.

Buy a new home this fall in Travisso today

Travisso is a place to explore; a place to relax; a place to call home. With over-the-top amenities, fabulous home designs, natural beauty, and the backdrop of the Texas Hill Country, what’s not to love? Visit Travisso for more details on Travisso homes available this fall and throughout the year. Contact our information center at 512-243-8583.

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