Jul 17, 2020

Game on: 4 Tips to Making the Most of Your Game Room

Is your game room working overtime during the pandemic? We’ll bet the answer to that question is a resounding yes. With kids spending more time at home, the game room most likely has become both a safe haven and a space to keep them occupied. But if the only entertainment feature in your current space is a video game system, it may be time to maximize its potential. Here are a few ideas to help up your game. And create a cohesive fun space with quality family time in mind. Let’s have fun!

Make it Multi-purpose

To get the most out of this multi-purpose room dedicated to having fun, it’s a good idea to divide the space among more than one activity. Video gamers, movie buffs, table tennis enthusiasts and avid poker players can co-exist in the same space, if you plan accordingly. First, you’ll need to determine how you are going to use the room. Also, think about the approximate amount of time you’ll spend doing each activity. The answers to these questions will help you determine the amount of space to dedicate to each area. Will the room house a pool table, ping pong table or table hockey game? Or, is TV watching, video gaming, and family board game night its sole purpose? Once you decide moving forward is much easier.

Add an Area to Serve Food

For those that host a monthly card game night or belong to a Bunco group you know that the evening starts with food and beverages. A medium to long shelf along one of the walls works great as a bar and food service area especially if you accompany it with some chic bar stools. For a modern, stylish look serve and store beverages from a bar cart. As an additional furnishing in your room it couldn’t be trendier. Same goes for installing a wine cooler. With all your serving accessories at your fingertips you’ll have much more time to spend socializing with family and friends. Additionally, a round table in a corner works as both a permanent eating place and an extra game table. While a trendy bistro table for two provides cozy ambiance.

Theme vs. No theme

Whether your game room is a dedicated space or an extra room you are converting, like a garage, game room themes run the gamut. A movie theme highlighting a collection of one-of-a-kind posters is ideal for avid buffs of the big screen. Plus other popular themes include sports, music and those dedicated to personal hobbies. Themes are a great way to express your personal style. But there are advantages to keeping an open mind when it comes to decorating the space. Think of it like any other room in your home especially if the plan is to use it for multiple activities. A neutral decorating scheme with pops of colors, fun artwork, ample lighting, and versatile furniture can be easily transformed when you tire of things.

Include Comfortable Furniture

Sinking into a sofa with a bowl of popcorn in hand is everyone’s idea of a relaxing evening. When looking for game room furnishings the right balance of function and fun is essential. With that said, you’ll want to look for comfortable pieces with durable fabrics that cleanup easily such as leather recliners and sectionals. Baskets add tons of warmth to any room. But they also can be used to store blankets and pillows when guests unexpectedly decide to spend the night. Organize and store games, books, music and more in storage chests doing double duty as additional seating. Or, add another element of visual style and organization to the room with artful bookcases and shelving units.

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