Dec 20, 2017

Color Trends Turn Bold for New Year

Color trends in home decorating come and go. And, in 2018 we say a sad goodbye to muted shades. When it comes to decorating your Travisso home in the New Year, it’s all about going bold. It seems bold is beautiful and there is no better way to achieve grandeur in your home than with larger-than-life colors. So, anyway says, the paint guru company Sherwin-Williams. On October 3 of this year, the 150-year-old iconic company, announced Oceanside SW 6496 as their choice of color of the year.

Wow, that’s a big change from last year’s choice of Poised Taupe which was a middle of the ground gray color that was neither light or dark, cold or warm. However, this year, color trends are going in a southerly direction and are way on the other end of the color chart.

Colorful and bold, Oceanside’s blue-green hue elicits a feeling of mystery with a beachy disposition. According to the Sherwin-Williams website, travel was the inspiration for selecting the color. If you have ever visited Italy’s Amalfi coastline or Capri’s Blue Grotto it is almost an exact match. The rich blue-green color of the coastline draws you in and you think there is nothing more beautiful. It is both intoxicating and relaxing and you wish you didn’t have to leave. When it comes to creating a home space that’s the same feeling that I am looking to achieve. You, too, can achieve the same.

Let your creativity flow with this year’s new color trends

Using bold colors to decorate our homes for some of us might mean going in uncharted waters. But, that doesn’t mean you have to sink. Exploring the possibilities of using Oceanside as color to decorate your home can be a great project and a lot of fun.

From painting a room or a wall, to adding a pillow or a vase, there’s no end to the creativity when using this magnificent color. However, many decorating websites suggest that you start small. Painting an entire room with Oceanside will certainly get you the “wow” factor. But, you don’t have to paint an entire room with the color. Add a punch of pizazz by painting just one accent wall in a bedroom or in the family room. Adding splashes of it in your home can be as easy as changing your pillows on your family room sofa. Accenting a gray sofa, for instance, with several pillows in a solid and varying patterns of Oceanside will make it a showstopper. It has that kind of impact. Go to your nearest paint store, grab a swatch, and get planning.

But, don’t let your creativity be limited by one paint company. For instance, Pantone Inc., the company that created the Pantone Matching System, declared Ultra Violet as their choice for the 2018 color of the year. Other paint manufacturers have done the same. But, after sorting through several of the choices, there is a common thread—the colors are deep and bold. If you are looking to make a statement in your home decor, now’s the time. All of the latest color trends have been announced. All you have to do is find the right color to match your own personal style and taste.

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