May 3, 2018

Six Simple Tips to Creating Patio Pizazz

With summer just around the corner it may be time to start thinking about glamming your patio. After all, your outdoor space is just as important as the indoors. And, creating an inviting stylish outdoor space for entertaining family and friends is essential for summertime fun and relaxation.

If you recently moved into the Travisso neighborhood and are still unpacking boxes, don’t worry. Your backyard patio doesn’t have to take a backseat. You can transform your patio from dreary to drop-dead gorgeous by investing very little time and patience, and using inexpensive decorating techniques and options.

Vibrant color choices, greenery and lighting are just a few of the many tricks to creating patio pizazz. Other options such as garden stools, decorative planters and rugs and runners also add flair. However, there’s also a few guidelines to follow along the way when it comes to furniture placement and choosing color. So, here’s just a few tips to use to make your patio a retreat for casual get-togethers, formal entertaining or your personal weekend destination.

Furniture placement. When placing your furniture on your patio the first thing to remember is to create zones. Take a good look at your space. How many zones or potential zones do you have? And, how much furniture do you have to place? You can create different, interesting and multiple areas by grouping your furniture together. For example, place your outdoor sofa, coffee table, and settee in one zone to create a sitting area. Then, place your outdoor table and chairs in another zone to create your dining area. Follow the same principle when it comes to additional furniture such as an outdoor bar or fire pit. Remember, when your place your furniture look at possible obstacles and the view. Looking at the view of the sunset is awesome but looking at the trash receptacle or your neighbor’s yard isn’t.

Color, color, color. When it comes to outside decorating color reigns and is the key to creating your outdoor oasis. The rule of thumb from design and entertaining expert Francesco Bilotto is to choose two to three colors, one pattern and one solid. There’s a few routes to go with this one. One, you can make if colorful, bight and fun. Two, you can also make it tastefully neutral and elegant with a mix of rustic earth tones. Either way the ending result will be fantastic.

Accessories. HGTV experts recommend that you use both outdoor and indoor accessories and furnishings. The idea here is that if you only use outdoor furnishings and accessories you may be limiting choices and your creativity.

Online shopping and home décor store finds. From online shopping to big box home décor stores, tis the season for outdoor furniture and decor. Pillows, lanterns, candles, planters, umbrellas, and so much more. There’s pluses and minuses to both. If you do online shopping you can’t see, touch, or feel the product before you buy. The variation in the color from screen to real life and product durability can be different. But, online shopping is super easy. It can be done anytime and you have the ability to choose from hundreds of product lines without leaving your home. Or, you can shop in-house at countless stores around your home. The big advantage here is that what you see is what you get but it is time consuming. Both options these days offer coupons and incentives to get you to buy. So, don’t forget to check for discounts and special offers.

Planters, containers, ladders, and flea market finds.  You can also create interesting spaces on your patio using a variety of different sized planters. Or, try refurbishing and painting a tiered ladder to display flowers, plants, veggies, succulents, herbs and drought-resistance Texas plants. Yard sales and flea markets are also great places to find unique items to house your greenery. Rusty wagons, wheelbarrows, rain boots, rustic shutters, tin milk cans, repainted side tables, and vintage toolboxes add both charm and ambience. Also, try galvanized tins for your plants. Ditch the steel ones and opt for colorful varieties such as yellow, bright green, and multiple shades of cool blues—turquoise, navy, and indigo.

Pillows, outdoor rugs and more. Hanging chairs are all the rage but adding a cute pillow to your one-seat wonder pulls off the total look. Previously mainstay decorating items for the indoors, pillows and rugs have now reached the same status. They are must-haves for outdoor decorating. No look is complete without them. Choose weather-friendly fabrics for easy cleaning. Fabric guards and multi-surface cleaners will help keep your patio fresh and clean throughout the summer.

Happy summer!!

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