Oct 12, 2018

Tuscan Style Décor for your Travisso Home

Thinking of decorating your home in Tuscan style? Typically thought of as Old-world, its warm hued colors, dark furniture, and natural elements definitely have a laid-back attitude. In fact, the elements of nature are the backbone of this popular decorating style. If there is one word that describes Tuscan-style décor its warmth. Think of the warmth of the sun on your face on a sun-washed hillside. It emits a sense of peace and simplicity. And, the very same feelings you get when you enter a room or a home decorated in Tuscan style. This simple yet extremely elegant style is very refined. But, it is also comfortable like an old sweater or a worn-in pair of jeans.

And, it started centuries ago. Even back in the Roman times, people wanted to escape city life for a simpler relaxed atmosphere. Consequently, they migrated to the countryside. It was relaxing and serene. If you have never traveled to Italy imagine a countryside surrounded by nature, beautiful hills and amazing sunsets. It is these very elements that has both inspired and transformed the Tuscan-style décor.

However, today, it’s easier than ever to create a European flair with old-world charm to add to modern day spaces. Since the very nature of Tuscan style has strong environmental roots using a combination of wood, stone, water, and color are essential to achieving maximum results. For example, in today’s homes wood beams and plastered ceilings are open and airy. And, natural light is encouraged. But, these are just a few of the many characteristics that comprise this Italian-inspired decorating style.

Though the Tuscan style has always been popular, it really became all the rage with the release of the 2003 movie Under the Tuscan Sun. And, its popularity doesn’t appear to be waning anytime soon. So, let’s take a closer look to see how you can incorporate the four key elements of Tuscan décor to help you create you very own Travisso Italian villa.

Creating the Tuscan style using wood 

When decorating in the Tuscan style begin by choosing and incorporating large, heavy pieces of wood furniture and architecture. Remember when looking for pieces to fit into your décor, Tuscan tends to be rustic. With that said, select warm to dark cabinets and furniture with a distressed appearance. Pieces should lean towards worn and antique looking. So, you’ll want to make new finishes look old. Achieve the look by painting tables, cabinets, and dressers with a faux finish. Color washing and distressing also works well. Choose sturdy embellished, carved wood furniture and wrought iron to bring the style to life. For the perfect balance look for bedroom furniture, dining room sets, and coffee tables that mix both wood and wrought-iron.

Getting the look using stone

Stone is another important element in Tuscan design. Add elements of stone and sandstone bricks to create interest and warmth both inside and outside. Stone walkways and garden paths are perfect for the outside. But, you can also use it inside on your kitchen flooring or in your front entrance way. After all, rustic flooring in brick, stone, or terracotta tiles are definitely a trademark of Tuscan style. Or, use stone on your family room fireplace or on an accent wall in the kitchen. Also, to mix it up use marble for interior flooring or on your kitchen island countertop. It is costly, but well-worth the effect. However, if that’s too much add a marble sofa or accent table to your primary living areas such as in a dining or family room.

Adding elements of water 

Though it may be somewhat difficult to add a fountain in the center of your home, it will look beautiful outside in your garden or courtyard. In the true Italian-style fountains are very prominent inside the home. But, if that’s not possible or just not your thing bring it outside. With a little planning fountains are both lovely and peaceful. Stone or terracotta fountains perfectly placed among growing herbs couldn’t be more beautiful or relaxing. Or, create the ultimate poolscape with a Tuscan style mosaic pool.

Warm hues and earth tone colors

Since nature is the core of Tuscan décor it’s no surprise that earth tone colors are key. Signature colors of Tuscan style are terracotta, shades of brown, russet, sienna, brick, gold, and golden yellow. Also, don’t forget about neutrals such as beige and cream. And, then there’s green. Use sage green and other more subdued shades such as moss, olive, loden, forest, and pear. Bright shades of green are not the norm. For authenticity and to achieve the true Tuscan look be careful when selecting green to include in your décor. As you start to decorate it is advisable to create your color palette first. Choose one to two colors that you absolutely love and make them the focal point. It can be a wall, a piece of furniture, or your kitchen cabinets. Then, fill in the room with additional colors that align with your color scheme.

Accessorizing your home in the Tuscan style

Oh, there’s so many creative ways to accessorize. If you like the warm hues of terracotta find some pretty containers, pottery or water vessels. Then, fill them with natural dried grasses and flowers. You can also use terracotta tiles on your floors both inside and outside. Or, use it for your kitchen backsplash. Copper pots and antique rugs provide both warmth and color. Using glass jars to display pasta and flowers is extremely popular. Also, add texture and color with baskets, window treatments, pretty throws, and textured wall finishes. If you don’t want to paint, then use textured wallpaper. It’s a great way to get a beautiful looking wall with very little effort.

Tuscan décor also includes a lot of wrought iron. You’ll find a wide assortment of wrought iron accessories such as candlesticks, decorative statement-making lighting, towel bars, curtain rods, and much more. You can also bring wrought iron outside by adding touches of railings and fences to your outdoor living space. Remember, Tuscan is simple. So, be sure not to clutter your spaces.

La Bella Vita in Travisso!

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