Feb 11, 2017

Valentine’s Day Destination—Your Travisso Back Porch and a Sunset to Call Your Own

A beautiful sunset and your Travisso back porch may be just the perfect destination for Valentine’s Day. No special restaurant menus, no crowds, your very own private table, music of your choice, and best of all, a Texas Hill Country backdrop for your romantic dinner in. PERFECT!

Setting out to orchestrate the perfect evening for your significant other may take a little preparation but it is an easy task. Wineries, breweries, specialty cheese and chocolate shops abound and they’re within a short driving distance from Travisso. It can also be fun exploring new and local establishments for your picture-perfect Valentine’s Day surprise.

Valentine’s Day isn’t really complete without pairing your courses with the right wine, or beer, if that is your preferable beverage.

You’ll find “Tuscany in Texas” with over 54 Texas Hill Country wineries to choose from. Since Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday this year, you can make it a weekend affair by taking a Texas Hill Country wine trail tour or by driving down Highway 290. Both choices are excellent ways to explore the diversified wine offerings of the Hill Country. From the city of Hye to Fredericksburg to Lampasas with a number of wineries in between, you’ll be sure to find the right wine pairing—red, white, or blend to compliment your appetizer, main course, and dessert selections.

If your significant other happens to be a beer connoisseur, Austin and the Hill Country boasts a vibrant array of craft beer emporiums, brewpubs, and breweries to satisfy the most discriminating beer lover’s palate. Discover craft pale and dark ales, bocks, India Pale Ales, lagers, malts, stouts and porters to pair with your Valentine’s dinner courses.

Local grocer HEB has an impressive cheese shop offering over 300 artisan cheeses ranging from mild, domestic, and imported varieties. Make your own cheese board or custom order one. Check out their website for tips on how to select a delectable cheese and wine pairing. For a true Austin experience visit Antonelli’s, a local shop with owners that have dedicated their travels and education to learning about cheese. Their experienced cheesemongers can guide you to all the right choices.

Also at HEB you’ll find everything you need to prepare a romantic dinner. Their online Valentine’s Day website is complete with dinner menus, recipes, the ideal protein temperatures, how to properly cook lobster and much more. Serving up a three-course meal using HEB’s handy guide and resources couldn’t be easier.

And, of course, you have thousands of other Internet options available at your fingertips for savory dinner entrees. There’s over 100+ Valentine’s dinner day ideas for 2017 on Delish. And for foodies, Food and Wine’s website doesn’t disappoint with recipes and photos of delectable food options.

And now, the heart of what Valentine’s Day is all about—dessert . Truffles, flourless cake, tortes, cheesecake, chocolate martinis and even chocolate wine. The list of notable and respectable Valentine’s desserts goes on. Whether you make your own dessert or pick one up there are plenty of places around the Austin area that sell bite-size morsels of chocolate heaven. Truffles, chocolate bark, ice cream, cakes, specialty doughnuts, and more. Click here to check out the 15 Best Places for Desserts in Austin.

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