Oct 12, 2020

5 Home Organization Apps to Help Manage Your Home

Are you trying to figure out how to keep your home and work-life balanced? With busy work schedules, home schooling and meal planning crammed into a day, home organization apps are here to the rescue. Keeping it all organized and under control isn’t easy. However these days there’s definitely a bright light at the end of the tunnel.

Home organization apps are mobile phone wonders specifically designed to help make life easier and keep you ahead of the game. From watering your plants to planning weekly meals to filing your appliance maintenance manuals, they’re guaranteed to help you keep on track. Below is a list of some of the most popular home organization apps that everyone’s using.


With the Centriq app you can say a fond farewell to overstuffed drawers and manila envelopes filled with appliance, computer and tool manuals and warranties. That’s because this free home management app stores them all in your phone. The only requirement is that you take a photo of them. For the Mr. Fix-it types the app also provides instructional videos and where to find replacement parts. The app is available for iOS and Android.

Microsoft’s To Do App

If you’re the type that likes to start your day off on a high note with a plan, Microsoft’s To Do app is for you. To Do replaces now extinct Wunderlist. For devote fans of Wunderlist the To Do app is a comparable stand-in. This all-in-one home organization app is super easy to use, clear, and concise. Its daily planner My Day breaks down tasks into simple steps. You can also add due dates, set reminders and check off completed tasks to ensure you stay the course. And it allows you to easily share lists and manage them across platforms. To Do is free and available across the web and for iOS, Mac, Android, and Windows devices. Follow these directions to import your Wunderlist account to Microsoft’s To Do.

The Happy Plant App

If you’re a little lapse when it comes to remembering that houseplants require water to thrive, the Happy Plant app is for you. Through playful game-like notifications this free app provides gentle reminders. Whether you water daily, weekly, or monthly we’re sure you’ll never forget to underwater or overwater your plants again. But the best part of this app is its ability to produce time-lapse videos of your growing plants. Just take a photo every time you water. Then sit back, smile and watch their progress. Download on the App Store.


The name of this app says it all. You’ll never forget anything ever again. Its persistent-like attitude and continuous reminders are relentless. From paying the mortgage, arriving at the doctor’s on time, or attending a PTO meeting, Due remembers so you don’t have to. Its unique features include auto snooze, quick access times, a notification snooze, countdown timers and syncs across devices. The one-time cost is $6.99.

The CamCard App

Never misplace a home maintenance business card again. For those still using a rolodex to keep business contacts in one place, now’s the time to file it away. CamCard is a business card scanner app. It reads and instantly saves business cards to your Contacts. Again, all you have to do is take a photo of it. Keep track of all your household maintenance needs including landscapers, plumbers, remodelers, painters, handymen and more. The CamCard app features quick entry of business cards, access from anywhere and they’re fingertip available. In addition to managing the cards, it allows you to add notes, set reminders and shares them with contacts and friends. It is available only on the App Store for iPhone and iPad. It’s free unless you want unlimited usage which costs .99¢.

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