Jan 11, 2019

Be Prepared: 11 Moving Costs that May Surprise You

The prospect of moving to a new place or area is exciting. However, the process of actually moving can be stressful and tedious. It can also be costly. And, that’s when professional movers enter into the picture. Whether you are moving to another state or a new neighborhood near your current home and are hiring a moving company it is essential to get an estimate. However, this is where it might get a little murky. Not all moves are alike and not all estimates are set in stone. Moving company fees depend on the circumstances of your move. Estimates are great but do they hold up in the end?

When moving the most important thing to know is what’s included in the price and what isn’t up front. So, it’s important to understand that you may be billed for additional charges in addition to those provided on the estimate. Because if you do you can save yourself some big bucks. Yes, unexpected moving costs can creep into the final cost. And, that’s because most people are unaware of hidden costs that moving companies think you know. But, most of us don’t. So, to keep your moving budget in check, here’s a list of unexpected moving costs to watch for before signing your contract. And, it may just help the bottom line.

Moving costs that affect your bottom line

1. The more your stuff weighs the more costly it will be

We already mentioned that getting an estimate is the first step. However, you should get at least three different quotes from varying companies. Do your research and choose those you feel can do the best job. One of the best sources of information is customer reviews. Once you set up an appointment the company will come out, assess your stuff, and either call or send you an email estimate. Be specific when telling them what is going into the truck. You may have some furniture still around the house that you want to sell or give away. If that’s the case tell them so, because one of the factors in determining the price is the final weight of your stuff.

2. Beware of the “Extra Fees” line item

These are fees that companies lump together when they don’t fall under any particular line item. Two such fees that fall under this category include packing and unpacking services and assembling and disassembling of furniture. Full-service moving companies will pack everything for you—for a price. But, what about the cost of the packing materials? And, what about furniture assembly fees? In order to get large pieces of furniture through doors, downstairs, and wrapped properly, disassembling of furniture may be necessary. Which means when you get to your new place, it needs to be reassembled. To be sure if these services are included or lumped into the “extra fees” category check the contract or verify with the company.

3. Moving insurance

Note that when you sign your contract you are automatically eligible for basic insurance coverage. That sounds great, right? Well, not so fast. It only compensates you about 60 cents per pound for the damaged item. So, if your big screen TV falls down a flight of stairs, you’ll definitely have to pony up much more money to buy a new one. One way to avoid this is to purchase Full Value Protection insurance. Yes, it’s an additional expense but if anything happens to your things you’ll be reimbursed the replacement value.

4. Bulky items surcharge

Oversized and heavy items such as pianos, hot tubs, heavy metal items and large artwork may be subject to additional fees. And, the reason is because your mover may not have the proper equipment. If your mover can’t do it, they’ll hire an outside specialty company, and charge you for the service. This also holds true for appliance preparation and installation. Avoid the confusion and ask in advance.

5. Long haul

Moving companies will charge an additional fee when they have to carry your items from the truck to your residence that is longer than the limit. I know that sounds a bit confusing. But, here’s an example. If you live in a neighborhood or apartment complex where parking is challenging, they may have to park a longer distance from your residence. If the back of their truck to your residence exceeds their predetermined limit, you’ll be charged an additional fee. Ask the mover how far they will carry your items before applying the charge. Measure the distance if you are concerned.

6. Cancellation fees

When moving, remember things rarely go according to the plan. Things can change quickly. As a result you may have to cancel your move, change the date, or decide to hire a different company. So, before you sign the contract be sure to review the mover’s cancellation policy. In many cases, the fee to cancel usually increases as it gets closer to your moving date.

7. Temporary storage fees and more

Additional storage fees can add up quickly especially if your home isn’t ready or the closing date is delayed. Know that if your things have to remain on the truck, for whatever reason, you will be charged. Also, be aware that you may have to pay for hotel accommodations. And, if storage is required warehouse fees will apply. It will also cost you more money when they unload the truck at the warehouse and reload it again when you are ready to move.

8. Elevator carry

Just like long haul, the premises is the same. If your move requires an elevator to transport your items at the pick-up point or final destination, an additional fee could be likely. Again, it really depends on how far the elevator is from the truck and whether parking is an issue. Not all companies will charge but some do. Let them know beforehand if an elevator is part of the move.

9. Guaranteed arrival

Moving companies do offer a guaranteed date of arrival. However, it may cost extra. To avoid another charge be flexible on the move-in date. The easiest way to save some money here is to pack a suitcase and live out of it for a few days if you have to. Another option is to bunk with a friend or relative.

10. Tipping fees

There’s certainly a lot to do and think about the day of your big move. And, cash in your pocket for tipping the movers isn’t usually one of them. If you are happy with your movers do give them a tip. But, before you dole out the cash make sure the job is to your satisfaction. Check major furniture pieces for dents, proper assembly, and if everything was put in the right room.

11. Stair fees

This fee is usually applied in those cases where you are moving into or out of an apartment or condo that doesn’t have an elevator. Which means it requires a lot more work to schlep your stuff up several flight of stairs than just putting it on an elevator and pressing the button. The number of flight of stairs they have to climb determines the fee.

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