Feb 25, 2020

7 Outdoor Living Trends for Your Best Summer Ever

Yearning to get out in the great outdoors? The easy, breezy summer months aren’t too far away. And with mild temperatures this winter in Central Texas it’s never too early to get a jump start on your outdoor living spaces. If you start now you’ll be finished before summer begins. And have lots of time to enjoy the fruits of your efforts.

Whether you are starting from scratch, or doing a refresh, careful planning is essential to great outdoor design. From the front porch to your backyard oasis and specialty gardens, ideas for inspiration abound. Remember, it’s important not to limit yourself to one particular style. Put your personal stamp on it. A combination of your very favorite styles and colors makes it your own and unique to your personal space. On the other hand keeping it simple helps to eliminate the need for too much upkeep and garden maintenance. Relaxing and enjoying your outdoor spaces is the end game, after all.

From patio collections to landscaping accessories and popular colors and fabrics, hit the ground running with a few of this year’s swankiest outdoor living trends.

Color Focus: Classic Blue

Does the color blue ever go out of style? Well, at least not this year. Classic Blue is this year’s Pantone Color of the Year. And while Classic Blue is super trendy indoors, it doesn’t match up to what it can do for outdoor spaces. By its very nature the color evokes a sense of peacefulness and calmness. Whether you pair it with vibrant greens, wood, stone, or neutral grays you can’t go wrong. For some tried and true Classic Blue see ways to incorporate it into your outdoor spaces.

Vertical Gardening

Though vertical gardening isn’t new, it seems to be all the rage in 2020. For those with smaller spaces it’s a great way to add a multitude of varietal plants in one area. By definition vertical gardening is a method for growing plants, flowers, and vegetables upward rather than outward. Which means you can grow them up against any structure such as up the side of walls, fences and railings; in rustic wooden picture frames, on shelves and much more. But that’s just the beginning. Creative opportunities abound.

Create a Bistro Corner

Awesomely cute and relaxing, a bistro table with a set of chairs can squeeze into some of the smallest spaces. For a perfect garden escape tuck a table in the center of your favorite flower garden. Or, make it the focal point of your front porch. They come in vibrant colors, a variety of styles and designs, and materials for every taste. Enjoy the space on weekends with a cup of coffee, tea, or glass of wine. Outdoor breakfast nooks nestled in a garden or among some beautiful tall trees are trending too. Check them out.

Outdoor Bars

This year outdoor kitchens will need to move over a bit and make way for outdoor bars. In 2020 design experts are seeing a trend toward patio bars. But you don’t have to make a permanent commitment. There are a plethora of free-standing options in varying sizes that come equipped with storage and prep space, some even come on wheels. Outdoor living centers are filled with them. Or, there are also plenty of creative options too.

Patio Fire Bowls

Don’t let the cool nighttime air drive you indoors. There is nothing more on trend these days than a patio fire bowl. Simple in design, these fire-bearing above ground fire pits definitely are standouts. They can be low-key and relaxed, or elegant and chic depending on what you pair them with. For the ultimate backyard hangout use a couple of comfy side chairs, an outdoor sofa, a natural wooden side table and a couple of outdoor ottomans.

Patterned Tile

Patio tiles in patterns, vibrant colors and geometric shapes are dominating this year. If you go for this look, remember the design is in the tile. You’ll need to be careful not to over decorate. Simple neutral furniture with solid-colored cushions and accessories won’t distract from the tile as the main attraction.

Sofa Swings

What can be more fun, relaxing, or carefree? Besides a hammock we can’t think of a thing. Swaying in the breeze on a warm summer day with an ice cold glass of lemonade is our idea of the perfect after work stress reliever. To regain those carefree days of the past, try adding a swing to your front porch or backyard patio. Today’s sofa swings are in vogue, come in a variety of styles and fabrics, and are visually appealing. We guarantee you’ll garner quite a few compliments.

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